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CSGOFast is a skin gambling website. With the home at CSGOfast.com, it's famous for providing CSGO gambling services. CSGOFast has been around for several years and is one of the most popular skin gambling sites on the market. It has a large customer base and offers bonuses for new customers signing up.

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How Can I Become a CSGOFast Customer?

If you want to join an international community of like-minded skin gamblers and CSGO enthusiasts, you’re going to need to first create a player account. Whether you’re in it to gamble skins on baccarat or try your luck on CSGOFast’s Hi-Lo, here’s exactly how to sign up.


Read the CSGOFast T&Cs

Although not known for their page-turning qualities, reading the terms and conditions is essential to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises down the line. All the information you need regarding deposits, withdrawals, odds, and daily coin giveaways can be found within the T&Cs.


Sign up with CSGOFast

As long as you’re happy with the terms and conditions, it’s time to sign up with CSGOFast. Luckily, there are a number of ways to do this including Google, Twitter, Telegram, and Steam accounts. All new users should be aware that CSGOFast is only available for users aged 18 or over.


Make a deposit

You can make your first deposit on CSGOFast using CSGO skins, cryptos, or traditional payment methods like a debit card or ewallet. The simple-to-use payment interface guides you effortlessly through the depositing process.


Enjoy CSGOFast’s wide range of game

With a funded account, you’re now ready to roll up your gaming sleeves and check out the CSGOFast game collection. Take your time, find a game that really flicks your switch, and first play it in demo mode. This way, you get a feel for the interface and practice what it’s like to place real-money wagers.


Play responsible!

Always remember that gambling is only for fun! Earnings are not guaranteed!

CsgoFAST pros

There are several payment methods available, including skins

One of the best things about CSGOFast is the massive selection of payment methods available. You can gamble with your existing CSGO skins, or choose from a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards, Skrill, and debit cards.

CSGOFast provides users with a large selection of games to choose from

Variety being a top concern for the team at CSGOFast, here players are provided with a superbly curated selection of games. Choose from esports bets, Poggi, Baccarat, Hi-lo, Crash, Wheel of fortune, and many more.

Daily free coins are giveaways

To reward players (and keep you coming back for more action) CSGOFast offers players daily free coins that can be used onsite.

CsgoFAST cons

Customer support can be slow to respond

Depending on which customer support channel you choose, there could be a slight delay in response times. Service levels, staffing issues, and seasonal considerations should all be taken into account when assessing customer service.

A lack of regulation

CSGOFast holds a gambling license from Curaçao, but, as far as gambling licenses go, a Curaçao-issued license isn’t all that great. Without more stringent regulations in place, CSGOFast could be the victim of money laundering or fraud, for example.

The potential to appeal to underage players

By nature, CSGOFast is a site that appeals to a wide range of users. AS CSGO has no age restrictions, there’s a danger of crossover from underage players on CSGOFast or other CSGO skin gambling sites.


The free bonus offered by this CSGOFast can be claimed with a promo code and used to buy new skins or gamble existing skins on the site. With competition from several skins betting sites, there's a need for an unbiased review of this site. Well, here it is.

Despite being around for a while, several questions are left unanswered about the online casino platform. In this review, we will be looking at various aspects of the GSGOFast, from betting games services, CSGO gambling, regular giveaways, bonuses, and answering the big question, "Is CSGOFast legit?"

What Is GSGOFast?

CSGOFast is a CS:GO betting site with over ten different game styles to choose from. It’s one of the oldest skin-betting sites. World-renowned for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) services, GSGOFast is the go-to for CS:GO skin gambling.

‘Skins’ refer to weapon textures that are used in games. They are entirely cosmetic and are sometimes referred to as finishes. They’re exclusive to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and are introduced in the Arms Deal update.

About CSGOFast

CSGOFast began operations in 2015, with its head office in Cyprus.

CSGOFast has a mobile version for Android and iOS, and the app can be accessed on phones and tablets as long as you have stable wifi. The site is available in several languages, including Swedish, Norwegian German, Chinese, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Thai.

CSGOFast uses SSL security, meaning that personal information shared by users on the site is protected. Trustworthy sites use SSL to encrypt information provided by users of their platforms.

CSGOFast Payment Methods

There are several ways to deposit funds on CSGOFast. CSGO and Dota2 skins can be used via Steam, while VGO skins can be deposited via WAX Express Trade.

G2A Pay and Game Monet are also accepted as a means of payment, alongside crypto, Visa/Mastercard, and ewallets.

CSGOFast Withdrawals

Although there are different methods of deposit available, only two withdrawal methods are available on CSGOFast. Withdrawals can be made directly to your Steam inventory or in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Withdrawing Bitcoin comes with a 20% commission.

CSGOFast supports payment methods that offer a "money-back policy" with methods such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Alipay. These payment options allow customers to get their money back if a product was deemed unsatisfactory after payment was made.

CSGOFast Free Coins, Bonuses & Promotions

New users receive a sign-up bonus for registering at the site. This free bonus is worth $0.50 and can be claimed with a promo code. CSGOFast also offers users a daily coin allowance. This is a reward for visiting the site daily and completing simple tasks.

CSGOFast Games & Software

CSGOFast Games

CSGOFast currently offers players access to 12 different games:

  • Classic Games: This is a raffle-style game, where players deposit to a pot, and one player takes it all at the end. Classic games use a ticket system.

  • Fast Game: This involves just three players, unlike classic games. Here, the players deposit skins into a pot, and one player takes it all.

  • Hi-Lo: This game allows players to bet on how high or low a card is likely to be, compared to the previous card selected. Here, players also get to bet on the color of the next card to be drawn.

  • Crash: This game involves players trying to stop a moving diagonal line before it crashes.

  • Double: This is a roulette game where players bet on slots. The betting is done on black, red, or green slots. Black and red pay 2:1 while green pays 14:1.

  • Baccarat: Just like the casino card game, players place bets on the "Player hand," a tie, or the "Banker." The same rule applies in this game.

  • Wheel: The name says it all. Players place a bet and then spin where it stops.

  • Cases: Players wager coins to open cases, solve problems, and win skins.

  • Slots: Like typical slot games, you spin the reels and hope for the best.

Games offered in CSGOFast can be categorized into three groups. These groups are:

Player vs. Player

This game involves two individuals placing their bets on a particular game. The winner takes all at the end of the game.

Player vs. Environment

Here the player plays against the system. This game isn't limited to just one player, two or more players can also play. Games under this category are Double, X50, Crash, and Hi-Lo.

Solo Player vs. Environment

A solo player plays against the system. Unlike Player vs. Environment, this isn't a multiplayer game. Games under this category are Wheel, Cases, Slot, Craft, and Poggi.

Betting Options

CSGOFast has the following betting options available:

Match Bet

This allows players to place bets on their favorite team. There aren't many options available for match betting. Match betting is offered for both CS:GO and Dota 2. Available betting markets are Live Matches, Open Bets, and Over Matches.

Skin Betting

With skin betting, a player places a skin on a game played. The game's outcome determines if a player wins or loses the bet made.

Coin Betting

This form of betting is relatively new to the site. With coin betting, you get to place bets using cryptocurrencies and coin bonuses earned.

Special Features

CSGOFast is in partnership with Steam Inventory Helper (SIH). This extension helps players organize their inventory with ease.

SIH also offers customers the opportunity to buy skins from the store using coins. The website provides a lobby that acts as a chatbox for users. Here, players can exchange opinions about games and other topics of interest. There’s also a marketplace on CSGOFast where players can buy and sell their skins.

Payments can be made and withdrawn in cryptocurrency. Crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tron, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, and Tether are accepted means of payment on the site.

How Does CSGOFast Quick Bonus Work?

csgofast bonus

After registering via Steam or other social networks of your choice. Follow these steps:

  • On the CSGOFast home page, click on the "Free Coins" button.

  • You will be asked to input a code to activate your bonus. The website provides you with the promo code.

  • Activating this bonus offers you ten free coins, which can be used on the website to place bets.

CSGOFast Customer Support

One would no doubt expect the best from CSGOFast. However, customer support isn't as good as it could be. There have been complaints of the support team not responding to gamers' complaints in a timely fashion. It often takes days before a response is received. Here’s one area where the CSGOFast crew could most definitely improve.

CSGOFast Facts & Figures

CSGOFast takes between 5% to 10% tax on all winnings. The minimum amount for betting varies from game to game. For classic games, $2.5 is the minimum, while fast games require $1 - $10. Double game players are required to exchange skins for coins, and these coins are used in placing bets.

How Can I Win on CSGOFast?

Like every gambling website, there's no guaranteed way of winning; you win some bets and lose others. However, you can increase your chances of winning by playing games with the best odds. You could also take advantage of the bonus offers.

While gambling, it is always advisable to stick to a gaming budget. Also, remember to play responsibly.

CSGOFast Age and Location Restrictions

To access CSGOFast, you have to be at least 18 years old. The website accepts users from countries where online gambling is legal. Citizens of Thailand, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, and other nations where online gambling sites are illegal would find it hard to access this CSGO gambling platform, except with a VPN.

While signing up, as part of the site's Terms of Services, users are asked to guarantee that they are not residents of countries where online gambling is banned.


CSGOFast is safe; however, it’s received the odd negative review from unsatisfied customers. The site's customer support team is less impressive, which is an are that needs to be improved.

Now to the big question, "Is CSGOFast safe?" Yes, it is. With a professional development team informing the back office and ensuring that all games run smoothly, you know you’re in good hands on CSGOFast.

CSGOFast is licensed and adequately secured with SSL security. The numerous depositing methods available on CSGOFast are a definite advantage.If you are looking for a traditional online casino, then take a look at Fun Casino, 10bet Casino and Tonybet.


Is CSGOFast trustworthy?

CSGOFast is a trustworthy site. The site is licensed for online gambling and has one of the best selections of games in the industry. With over 2,000 daily users, CSGOFast is known as one of the most popular CSGO skin gambling sites on the planet.

Is CSGOFast good for skin betting?

Yes, it is. CSGOFast is one of the oldest skin betting sites, with a history of over five years. Aside from engaging in skin betting on the platform, users can also buy and sell skins from player to player. Skins can be purchased directly from your CSGOFast account using in-house coins.

Can I win real money from CSGOFast?

Yes, you can. Although, as CSGOFast is a gambling site, winning isn't guaranteed. In CSGO gambling, money can be both won and lost. However, in order to win real money, you need to make a monetary deposit.