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Online Blackjack | #1 List of Best Online Blackjack Casinos【2022】

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Blackjack is one of the most widely played casino games in the world. Even though the game is only between you and your dealer, you might need to develop some skills to win it regularly. To get the odds to favor you at times, all you need is a bit of strategic play. As you learn new strategies, you will learn new skills and tricks for playing the game excellently.

You should study our Blackjack games review if you want to get a good deal whenever you play Blackjack online. We've put a lot of work into research and reviewed a lot of Blackjack casinos to craft this review. Since the pros and cons of the different Blackjack game casinos are discussed, you won't find it difficult to determine the right one for you.

play blackjack online

Is Blackjack legit?

Before you proceed to use an online Blackjack casino, you have to verify if it is licensed or not. It's easy to find out the authenticity of a casino. When you navigate to the end of the website, you will see a print. The print won't only contain where the license was issued on most casino websites; it will also include the name of the regulating body and its location.

All countries don't use the same licensing rules. While checking the licensing rules of a website, you have to make sure it suits what is considered standard in your country.


  • It has a high speed
  • You can get casino bonuses when you sign up
  • The rules are favorable


  • The high speed means you lose more per hour.
  • You might find it difficult to use most of the techniques.
  • You have to wager your deposit a lot of times before cashing out.
Blackjack variants

Variants of Live Blackjack

Similar to online slots, blackjack is a popular game among casino providers. Since there are different versions of the game available, you might have to get used to the various user interfaces in each version. If you want to be playing the game regularly, you have to familiarize yourself with the different Blackjack variants and learn the differences between them. The most popular Blackjack game variants are discussed below.

Classic live Blackjack

Classic live Blackjack is the foundation of simple card games. It is one of the most popular variants of the game. You will find it in almost all the online casinos around you. Classic live Blackjack can only be played at a Blackjack table. A total of 52 cards are used in this version of the game. If your points are more than those of the live dealer Blackjack present in the game, you have won a round. The maximum point limit is 21 points-you have lost a round if you get anything greater than 21 points.

Pre Decision Blackjack

This version of the Blackjack game is popular because of its fast speed. When it is your turn to play Blackjack online, the second player can quickly decide on what to play. In Pre decision Blackjack, the second player doesn't have to wait for the first player to finish playing. Since it comes with a high speed, it has some exciting incentives.

Atlantic City Live Blackjack

There are differences between this variant and the classic Blackjack variant. Whenever the live dealer hands over the first two cards to the player, the player can decide to exit the round. The classic Blackjack game doesn't come with this feature.

Party Blackjack

When it comes to Blackjack game rules, there are a lot of similarities between party Blackjack and Classic Blackjack. You can either have two or three dealers in party Blackjack. Alongside classic Blackjack, Party Blackjack is quite popular among gamblers.

VIP Blackjack

There are a lot of similarities between the VIP Blackjack and the classic Blackjack. The only difference is that you can stake higher in VIP Blackjack. You will find the table limits attractive if you're a high roller. On most online Blackjack casino websites, you will only be allowed to play Blackjack online if you're a registered member of their VIP club.

Mobile Blackjack

When you're not at home, you should have a game to play on your smartphone. That is why it is vital to ensure you play free Blackjack games with a mobile casino. There are a few Blackjack sites that make this available. There are some significant differences you have to consider—for instance, the type of game matters. Your storage won't be affected when you play games on your browser. Game apps operate in a different way, and they modify your storage.

Another thing you have to consider is the game quality. Some free Blackjack games are not well optimized for mobile phones. To enjoy those kinds of games, you need to use a computer. Lastly, functionality plays an essential role in mobile compatibility. Some games only work well on a big screen, and if you play those games on a smartphone with a small screen, you will miss some of its features.

Reasons you should play Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most exciting casino games. You will find it more enjoyable to play live dealer games on the platform. You won't only be thrilled by the real table and cards; you will be excited about the dealer's actions that will happen right in front of you. Since it comes with a chat feature, you can discuss with gamers like you and share experiences. You don't have to visit a real casino to know what playing in a casino feels like. You can get this feeling by playing live Blackjack.

If you're interested in a more authentic casino experience, you have no option but to visit a land-based casino. Getting started with Blackjack is an easy process, and the first step is to select a table. The table selection is based on the language that you prefer.

When it comes to casinos, you will spend more when you're getting started, and the minimum original bet amount is always high. While playing in a casino, it is normal to experience a slow pace of casino play at times. The reason is that dealers play Blackjack against many people, and you have no option but to wait for your turn. The dealer pays whoever wins the game.

How to find the best blackjack casino

How to identify an excellent online Blackjack casino

If you want to play and enjoy Blackjack live games, you must use a reliable online casino service. You should check for many casinos and compare them before registering. By going through the factors discussed below, you will be able to filter out great casinos for live Blackjack. You will also be exposed to the casinos that offer bonus promotions, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and even free spins.

Check for online Blackjack casino licenses

Before registering at a Blackjack casino, you will have to choose from different providers. It is essential to search for valid discreet on your preferred casino website. Any new casino with Malta and Gibraltar's licenses can be considered reputable and safe. 

Available methods of payment

All great online Blackjack casinos usually come with unique and reliable payment methods. You can check your favorite casino's website and search for available payment methods. The most reliable payment methods in online Blackjack casinos are Paysafecard, Visa card, MasterCard, and e-wallets.

Great customer service

All good online Blackjack casinos come with excellent customer service. Whenever you need support from a casino, you shouldn't find it challenging to reach them. They should always respond to their customers as fast as possible. Excellent customer service isn't all about responding to users on time, the quality of the answers given to the users is also a priority.

Mobile Blackjack offer

If you prefer to play Blackjack online on your smartphone, you should check the mobile compatibility of your favorite casino. A casino that's well-optimized for mobile devices is the best for all-time gaming, and can play Blackjack anywhere you find yourself. All you need is your tablet and a strong internet connection.

Blackjack table limits

Different online Blackjack casinos come with different stakes and limits. You can check the limits of your Blackjack tables in advance. Whether you stake high or low, you will still find a suitable Blackjack table.

You can stake as low as 5 euros in most popular gambling sites, and tables, where players can even play Blackjack with 50 cents, are offered at times. Maximum table limits also vary with casinos. While the max table limits of some are EUR 10,000, others have limits as high as EUR 50,000. Even though winning in Blackjack depends on luck, you can increase your chances by developing skillful gaming behavior.

blackjack payment methods

Blackjack payment methods

If you want to start gambling on Blackjack, you have to get familiar with the payment methods available on the gaming platform. Only players that have deposited money in their account can participate in live games. Even though Paypal is a popular online payment method, it is not available on Blackjack. The secure payment methods available on the platform are listed below.


Skill is an e-wallet that is used to deposit and withdraw money. If you deposit money using skrill, it will reflect on your account within a few seconds. On the other hand, processing of skrill withdrawals can take up to 24 hours. Unfortunately, you can't use it to claim bonus promotions in most blackjack casinos.


You can quickly deposit money in your Blackjack casino account using a Paysafecard. You can even use the card to place blackjack side bets. When you create a Paysafecard account, you will be given a code. The code will be used to link your Paysafecard to your casino account.

Mastercard and Visa

Players can use Mastercard to make transactions on their casino accounts, and it can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Before using any of these cards, you should check if charges are applied.

Providers for Blackjack

A lot of online casinos use the Blackjack software. Before you proceed to register at a Blackjack casino, you must have ensured that the software is supplied by popular and reliable game providers. The most reliable casino software providers are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and Lucky streak.

Blackjack rules of play

The dealer deals with several positions on every Blackjack table in a semicircular table. The playing positions can range from five to nine. As one 52-card deck can be shuffled, eight can also be rearranged. Before the start of each round, you have to place your bets. There is a betting box in Blackjack, where all bets are placed. When it comes to back betting, a maximum of three Blackjack players are allowed to be at each position.

Your original bet must be placed in front of box controls to control the position. The dealer talks to the controlling player about the playing decisions while the other people play behind. As a player at a single table, you can place bets in as many boxes as you want. It is important to note that you can't play Blackjack at multiple tables simultaneously. If you're playing in a casino in the United States, you can only play within one to three positions at a single table.

Each box has about two cards, and the cards are only visible to the Blackjack players handling the boxes. The dealer can check the face of the first card they get, and the second must be a face-down card if the dealer is playing a "hole card" game. You can play hole card games on tables with mirrors, and you can also play them on tables with an electronic sensor.

The majority of dealers work on more cards that are from single-deck games. When you're playing Blackjack, your aim should be to win money by combining different cards. After combining the cards, you must ensure that the total isn't more than 21. On the other hand, Blackjack players can decide to hit, stand, double, split, and surrender. Number cards are essential in Blackjack. Each number card counts as the real number, and it can also count at the jack, queen, and king.

In a case where the card counting result exceeds 21, you might immediately lose all your betting. While playing, there is a specific order that should always be followed. The boxes will be played first. After that, the dealer can continue to drop draw cards until it reaches the max limit of 17. Some of the things you should avoid include doubles, and splits.

When a player's total is up to twenty-one in the first two cards released, such a player is referred to as Blackjack. If there is a tie, the bets will be canceled automatically. There won't even be any room for adjustment. Wins in Blackjack are only released if the money is even. The only exception is the player Blackjack. Winnings in the player Blackjack are paid in 2 to 3 odds.

The majority of casinos now pay Blackjacks less than 3:2. There is a feature in Blackjack known as insurance. This insurance becomes active when the face-up card of a player turns out as an ace. A few additional bets are also available, and they include Dealer Match.

Blackjack tournaments

This game can be played as a tournament. At the start, all players are given the same value of chips. The goal is to be among the top-chip holders. Some games can be held over many rounds, and the number of the competitors will dictate the number of rounds that can be played. Elimination of Blackjack is another competition available on the platform. To proceed in eliminating Blackjack, you need to avoid being the lowest-stacked player on the table.

Many good Blackjack strategies can be put in place to win Blackjack tournaments. These strategies are quite different from the non-tournament strategies. The majority of the people prefer the Blackjack strategy for Blackjack tournaments because it allows them the freedom to choose any main wager amount. When it comes to poker tournaments, you have to pay an entry fee to participate, and at times, you can also be allowed to re-buy.

Tips for playing Blackjack

Blackjack comes with a set of rules. You have to learn these Blackjack rules before you start playing. There are several Blackjack rules online. So, you can study them whenever you like. You can also learn how to play Blackjack by visiting online Blackjack casino websites. Step-by-step guides to getting started with Blackjack can be found in most casinos. Studying the basis of Blackjack isn't enough to start playing. You have to learn more about the version you're playing. Different versions come with changes and additional features.

Since most casinos have a demo feature for the game, you can play the game before you decide to purchase it. Whenever you're allowed to choose, you have to prioritize the best game for you. You're supposed to enjoy every minute you use in playing Blackjack online. People who are too focused on winning might become addicted to the game, which is why most casinos have put specific measures to reduce addiction.

Some of them even go as far as banning the accounts of some gamblers. You should bet responsibly on Blackjack and make sure you don't gamble with an amount you can't afford to lose. It's easy to get distracted while playing the game, and that is why it is essential to set a betting limit for yourself. When you set a limit on the platform, you won't be allowed to bet with an amount greater than the limit. If you feel like you're getting too addicted to betting, you can contact the helpline of the casino you're using.

How Blackjack games are different from other games

Amontg other table games like Roulette and Poker, Blackjack games come with a lot of unique and exciting features. The online site is also secure, stable, and of high quality. The majority of highly reputable establishments develop their unique software and Blackjack games. This is one of the signs that Blackjack is legit and safe. It costs a lot to develop unique free Blackjack games, so most companies don't embark on such projects. A lot of sites outsource their game development to software providers.

Since highly-skilled developers always want to deliver an excellent product to their clients, they make sure that they test their software as many times as possible. You can always expect great games from highly-skilled software providers. Top developers always employ cross-platform systems to improve performance, and there are few differences in cross-platform management systems.

While Microgaming relies on technology and creativity, Playtech is more focused on its extensive library of games. Unlike these two companies, Evolution gaming excels in live dealer games. Other popular developers are NetEnt and BetSoft. Your choice will always be based on your interests, and within a short time, you will figure out the game features you like the most.

Blackjack strategy

Since there are skills involved in playing Blackjack, you can develop yourself and increase your chances of winning. Unlike other casino games, winnings are not based only on luck. You can learn how to make smart decisions on whether to hit or stand. All your choices will result in the hand you get. If you make the right decisions most of the time, you can always reduce the casino's advantage. As we go further, you will learn more about how blackjack strategies can help increase your chances of winning.

How strategies work in Blackjack

Whenever you are to decide on anything at the blackjack table, you need to make use of some information. This info includes the cards you currently possess and any one of the dealer's cards. By applying this information, you can predict the possible result. Since cards in the deck are fixed, there is a high chance that your prediction will be correct.

You only have to compare the chances of all card combinations and work out how the combinations will affect the final result. When you realize all your actions impact your final result, you can select the optimal one. You have to arrive at the right mathematical decision most of the time. That is what can help you retain the house edge at a minimum.

How to use the Blackjack strategy

The only problem people have with Blackjack is that they find it challenging to arrive at the right decision. You have to go through some complex calculations. Since you don't have to make the calculations, you don't have to stress yourself. There are rules in place to guide you. You can use the blackjack strategy without making any calculations by strictly following the rules.

You need time to study and understand all the rules. Since you can meet yourself in various situations while playing, you don't have to learn the rules for every one of them. In a case where the dealer has 8 and you have 20, you might be tempted to stand. On the other hand, you will be confused when you have 12 and the dealer has 3. To use the blackjack strategy perfectly, you should be able to figure out what to do in every situation. That is where strategy charts are involved. You also have to study how card counting works and how to beat the dealer.

Blackjack charts

A blackjack strategy chart is a matrix that reveals the different combinations of the dealer, exposed card, and your hand. The charts will suggest the action you have to take in all possible combinations. Rules for using basic strategy were put into use while constructing the charts. That is why you will always make the right decision by following the chart. You will see the dealer's card at the top of the blackjack strategy chart, while the down part contains your hand.

By checking each cell, you will get tips on the right actions for the combinations. There is also a key in the chart, and the key indicates the actions all the symbols will take. While playing Blackjack, you will find out that some actions depend on specific rules. For instance, it is right to spit when you can double a split. All these are due to the different blackjack variants with various rules.

To select the right strategy, you must consider the blackjack variant you play. You should know applying the right tricks doesn't guarantee you win all the time. Most of the odds are still placed against you, and the best you can do is reduce the house advantage to a low level. That makes it easy for you to beat the dealer in a single session.

Bad Blackjack strategies

Some dealer blackjack strategies don't work. Even though these strategies are popular among gamblers, they can't put you in a better position to win. The bad strategies include Mimic the Dealer, Assume a Ten, Never Bust, and Progressive betting. While using Mimic the dealer, you would act like a dealer.

It would help if you never considered splitting, surrendering, or doubling. The reason is that dealers can't use those options. In short, you have to hit on less than 17. Then you will stand on 17 or any position higher. While doing that, you don't have to consider the exposed card in the dealer's hand. Since players benefit from splitting and doubling, the strategy isn't good. Another easy strategy is Never bust.

Whenever there is a chance of going bust, you should never hit. That is what will help you stand on 12 or higher. Even though this approach looks good, it makes the house edge increase. The only condition when a ten strategy will work is when you assume that the following card will be ten. The same thing applies when you assume the unexposed card on the dealer's hand is ten.

Since cards with a value of ten take up to 30% of the whole deck, most players work on assumptions. You should note that the deck consists of jacks, kings, and queens with a value of ten. Since the remaining 70% has a value different from ten, there is a high chance that you won't get a ten. That is why the strategy doesn't work, and it only makes the house edge increase.

Progressive betting is all about adjusting your bet size because of your previous bet result. You can either increase or decrease your bet size. No matter the form of betting, you can always apply the strategy. Since there are various progressive betting strategies, you can always find one that suits you.

Because your bet size does not affect your chances of winning, progressive betting strategies don't affect the house edge. When progressive betting systems align with Martingale systems, they can be dangerous. By recording a single bad result, you can lose all your bankroll.


There are a lot of Blackjack games available on the internet. When choosing the one to play, you must ensure that you're using a reliable casino. It would help if you always went with the highly recommended ones. If there isn't anything unique about them, they won't be ranked at the top. Since you're in control of the casino you're signing up for, you have to be patient before choosing one. If you're not happy about something in a casino, you shouldn't sign up on the platform.


  • Does winning in Blackjack depend on luck?

Even though a little bit of luck is involved, Blackjack wins don't depend entirely on luck. The cards play a huge role in your result.

  • What is the best Blackjack strategy?

The Blackjack strategy is about making significant mathematical decisions. Since you don't have to do any mathematics yourself, you only have to follow the rules carefully.

  • What is the house edge in Blackjack?

    Blackjack does not have a fixed house edge like many other casino games. There are several variants, each with slightly different rules, and the house edge varies according to which one you play.