Online Bingo

Online bingo is a popular casino game enjoyed globally. When playing bingo, your primary goal is to mark off numbers on a card and complete a line or a house to win a prize. It's entertaining, social, and low cost to players, offering exciting gameplay at bargain prices.

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online bingo

Whether you’re a seasoned bingo brain or a new online bingo player, you’re no doubt here to learn more about the game. Are you looking to win some real cash prizes while gambling? Stay tuned and read to the end. It’ll be worth your while, trust us.If you are looking for a good online bingo website, check out Fairspin, Katsubet, Cloudbet, Tonybet and Spin Casino.

Features of Online Bingo

Among the many features of online bingo, new players can access autoplay for a faster gaming experience. It offers an automatic gaming experience, ensuring the player never misses any winning bingo. While most sites are pretty similar, check with your bingo provider for more information on autoplay.

Gamblers can play games for pennies per card across different versions of the game. Also, players can choose from several themed rooms while playing bingo. The graphics are rich, creating a thrilling gaming environment.

Gamblers can also access bingo chat for easy communication with other gamblers while the games play out. Chat platforms are usually simple to navigate and popular with players, creating a social bingo community.

Players have access to a whole heap of games via any given bingo network. Several bingo sites from the same provider form a huge network, allowing gamblers to select many different games from a singular platform. There are also different jackpot options, providing players with huge win potential.

Mobile bingo is getting more popular by the day, and about 60% of those who play bingo do so on mobile devices.

While mobile platforms offer bingo gaming for remote play, chat features are not as easily navigated as desktop versions.

Facebook Bingo

Facebook bingo is also very popular. Good examples are:

  • Bambam Bingo
  • Bingo Island
  • Bingo Blitz

Facebook bingo games come with "power-ups" to help increase wins and can be used to buy, collect and share virtual items with Facebook friends.

Experts say that the best time to play online bingo is when very few players are competing in the game as this increases your chance of taking down a cash prize.

Free Registration

Gambling sites offering online bingo permit free registration, and the sign-up process is simple. Depending on the gambling site in question, players can access the game through an internet browser or via an app.

Some gambling sites allow players to access the games via both a browser on players' devices and an app. The players can access HTML5-based games, giving you the options of both real play and free play.

Types of Online Bingo Games

As we’ve covered, there are different types of bingo games you can play online. However, the variants may differ slightly from one site to the next. Let’s check out a few of the most popular online bingo games.

play the best bingo types

90 Ball Bingo

The cards in 90 ball bingo contain nine columns and three rows. The game has three outcomes and is played on a 27-square card. The player who marks all of the tickets first will receive the full house prize; if more than one person wins, the platform will share the prize between players. The term "whole house" in 90 ball bingo refers to ticking off all the 15 numbers on a player's card.

80 ball bingo

80 ball bingo is very popular among players since it offers something different from the more traditional 90 ball bingo games. At the start of each game, you'll be given a pattern to complete. The patterns will differ for each game, and each site will offer its own version. You win this game by matching your card to the specific pattern for that game, which could be a complete row or column.

75 Ball Bingo

This bingo game is most popular in the United States and Canada. The 75 ball bingo cards have 25 squares organized in 5 rows of 5 numbers. To win this bingo game, you must be the first to complete a predetermined pattern.

30 Ball Bingo

This is a smaller and faster version of 75 ball bingo, often referred to as "speed bingo." Each ticket has nine squares with random numbers ranging from 1 to 30. One of the appeals of 30 ball bingo is that it’s easy and straightforward to play. 30 ball bingo is ideal for gamblers who want to play just a few rounds of games.

How to Play Bingo Online

Playing online bingo is easy since the most challenging part – keeping up with the bingo calls – is handled for you.

The first step is to choose a reliable online bingo site (for example, Kineko, Fortunejack or Wildcoins), then register by filling in personal details. Once that's done, choose a payment method and deposit your funds.

You’re now ready to play bingo online.

Selecting Bingo Rooms

The bingo rooms are where each bingo game (90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and so on) occurs. Enter the bingo lobby by clicking the "Bingo" button. The online bingo rooms should be easy to navigate, with each function clearly labeled and marked. In the bingo lobby, you can see how much each game costs in terms of bingo tickets, the prizes available, and when the next game begins.

Determine How Many Bingo Tickets You Want to Play

Select the game you want to play and the number of bingo tickets you’d like to purchase. The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning. You’ll be notified when you win a cash prize, and any cash winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

Ready to Play?

Now that you understand the rules of playing online bingo, it's time to start playing. You can also try out free bingo games to get a grasp of the game's concept. Grab your tickets with one of the best online bingo sites, and who knows, you could be enjoying cash prizes in your next bingo game.

how to play bingo online

How to Choose the Best Online Bingo Casino

New online casinos spring up almost every day, making it a bit difficult for new gamblers to pick out the best online bingo site. Since you’ll be playing with real money, you must undertake adequate research so you don't end up losing your money to fraudsters. We’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when selecting an online bingo site. Let’s take a look.

Licensing & Security

This is one way to answer the question, "Is online bingo legit?" The best online bingo sites are all licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling commission to ensure that you have a fair and secure gaming experience. Examples of well-known regulators are the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the UKGC.

Most casinos use the latest SSL encryption to keep all your information safe from third parties. Choosing an unauthorized gambling site exposes you to risk and can result in financial loss. Always cross-reference licensing information to ensure that the site is completely legitimate.

Payment Options

The best online casinos offer players a variety of payment methods to choose from. This allows you to select your preferred option for deposit and withdrawal of funds. You can expect to see well-known options such as ewallets, credit or debit cards, and bank transfer.

You’ll find a list of the payment methods accepted by the casino on the casino's homepage near the bottom of the page. Check it out to see if the site accepts your preferred option for playing bingo games.

Game Varieties

Always select a site with a diverse range of online bingo games for you to play. You don't want to be stuck with playing the same old bingo games day after day. By exploring different variants, you'll be able to find one that suits your gambling style and increase your chances of winning. Some sites also offer free bingo games. So, if you're interested in playing bingo for free to learn the ropes, a demo version is the ideal choice.

Customer Support

There may come a time when you need help with a site's services. Customer support should always be available to answer your queries, and contact options such as live chat, phone, or email are different customer service channels to watch out for. Some casinos offer 24-hour support in live chat, which is our favorite option.

This allows you to contact a customer representative at any time of the day. The representative should be knowledgeable about the site's features, services, and promotions. They should also reply as promptly as possible.

Bonus Offers

Most online bingo sites offer new customers amazing bingo bonuses to encourage player signups. The welcome offers could be free tickets, free spins, no deposit bonuses, or a deposit bonus, to name but a few.

These online bingo offers can give you the chance to win cash prizes, providing the perfect environment in which to enjoy online bingo. Bonus offers often have wagering requirements attached to them, so be sure to read each bonus offer's full terms and conditions before claiming it.

Mobile Compatibility

There's so much convenience that comes with being able to play online bingo wherever you are and at any time you wish and all the best casino sites allow you to play bingo on your mobile device. Android users can download the app on Google Play, while iOS users can download it from the Apple Store. Whether at the office, coffee shop, or home, there's no restriction to how much bingo you can enjoy.

Tips & Tricks to Winning Online Bingo Games

Winning cash prizes at online casinos isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. All you have to do is understand the rules of the bingo game (either 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, or 30 ball bingo), then devise strategies to give you an advantage over everyone else. Below are a few tips to help increase your win exposure while having maximum fun.

Bingo bonus

Choose the Right Number of Cards

Naturally, playing games with larger prizes increase the likelihood of you winning. Big and jackpot games are more popular, thereby attracting more players (and lowering your chances of winning) but offering huge win potential.

However, there is a limit. Having too many cards can be overwhelming, causing you to miss numbers and potential bingos. Know how many cards you can handle without becoming confused and stick to it.

Set a Budget

One of the most important things to remember is setting a budget and playing within this limit. This helps you to risk just what you can afford to lose. Keeping a budget also supports you in sticking to the main goal of online bingo﹘to have fun and play responsibly.

Play Smaller Games

The more people in the game, the shorter it will be, and the less likely you will win. When many people are playing, the odds of winning reduce. Always go for bingo rooms with the lowest number of players.

Select a Range of Bingo Cards

Choosing different cards will give you more chances to win. Don't waste too much time trying to study the cards. Learn to scan them and select the most diverse available.

Devise Winning Patterns

A good bingo online strategy for professional gamblers is to highlight unique winning patterns to help you achieve a potential winning streak. Standard games have four ways to win, but now and then, a game will include notable symbols such as a kite, which can sometimes be confusing. However, studying patterns could give you an edge when playing standard bingo games.

Some may suggest that devising winning patterns is a waste of time but having a solid focus to how you play will help you cement your gaming approach.

Practice With Free Bingo Games

The best way to understand the rules of online bingo games is by playing free online bingo games. Often, the more you know, the higher your chances of winning.

Make New Friends

One of the most appealing aspects of playing bingo online is the ability to participate in online forums or bingo chat rooms. It's an excellent way to learn about new bingo sites that are opening up, what prizes are available, and whether any sites are offering free bingo tickets.

Choose the Best Time of Day

Remember, it's best to avoid playing bingo on weekends and evenings. The number of participants doesn’t always affect the size of the jackpot; however, more people will be competing for the same payout.

If you can play online at quieter times, such as early in the morning or at night, you’ll be able to increase your chances of winning significantly.

play bingo responsibly

How Mobile Bingo Works

All mobile bingo programs use HTML5 programming as the vulnerability of Adobe Flash makes it unsafe for playing on the go.

Things changed in 2021 as many more gambling sites started offering mobile bingo accessible across all platforms, including iOS. It was easy for the responsive sites to detect the screen size, resolution, and type of connected devices.

Playing on Your Mobile Browser

Today, players can access bingo on mobile devices via their mobile browsers; however, not all bingo sites offer full security. Some mobile browsers may suffer from a lack of security. A few sites may only switch to a secure platform when gamblers visit the payment page. Players accessing mobile bingo via public Wi-Fi may also be exposing themselves to security risks.

That said, mobile browsers like Google Chrome check the website's security before permitting the players to link up via their mobile browsers. Google Chrome will flag security concerns about the bingo site, protecting your personal details from exposure. Accessing bingo games via unsecured websites can open you up to typosquatting, for example.

Playing on a Mobile App

Instead of playing bingo via a mobile browser, you can do so via a mobile app. Many bingo sites offer mobile apps for a better overall gaming experience. Some sites permit gamblers to play mobile bingo via mobile browsers and mobile apps, and some other sites only offer either one of the two options.

Bingo mobile apps offer more security than when you play the game on mobile browsers, and it’s also a more convenient choice. You will never face the risk of typosquatting when you use a casino’s mobile app to access bingo games, and you can enter the games without typing in a web address at all.

The risk of revealing your login detail to third parties is also eliminated when using a mobile bingo app. Both Android and Apple device users can access mobile apps for bingo meaning no restrictions, on whatever device you keep in your pocket.

Not all bingo sites provide mobile apps because of Google Play and App Store restrictions. Only big names in the world of bingo can provide apps as they’re very expensive to develop. While some might say this is limiting, it ensures that you’re playing on a legitimate platform.

Some bingo sites provide their apps for download via APK to bypass this restriction. The APK version can work with different types of Android devices. Before you can download the APK version of a bingo Android app, you must first configure your device to accept apps from external sources; although, doing so can compromise your device's security.

If you must download the APK version of a bingo app, make sure you know it's reliable before you do so.

Installing Mobile Bingo Apps

Installing mobile bingo apps is quick and easy. To ensure all-around security, you should download the app directly from your chosen online bingo site. The sites will have a link to the app download page. Depending on your device's operating system, the site can connect you directly to either Google Play or the App Store.

If the link leads directly to Google Play or the App Store, it indicates that the app is safe to download. The link on the website ensures you do not end up downloading a fake app that can compromise your security and privacy.

The bingo site may send a link to your mobile device, and clicking on the link will send you to the mobile app download page. Mobile-only casinos are the operators that usually use this method because of the boosted security.

One other way to download a bingo app is via the Progressive Web App (PWA). Many people do not consider PWA as an app as it only adds a shortcut to the bingo site on your phone's homepage. You can click on the shortcut when you want to access the site but you may need to input your login details each time you click on the shortcut. While PWA offers more convenience, it’s not as secure as a proper bingo app.

Bingo Software Providers

Online casinos offering bingo do so by partnering with software development companies. The software providers also often offer online casino licenses to make their games available to players worldwide. One factor differentiating various software providers is the variety of games available. The quality of in-game chat options also makes a huge difference among bingo platforms.

Examples of bingo software providers are:

  • Playtech
  • Gamesys
  • Intouch
  • Relax Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play

Online Bingo Promotions

Just like online slots, online bingo also offers bonuses for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Check out below for a few of the promotions you’re most likely to encounter.

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus offer is for new players only. Online bingo sites will provide a bonus after the customers make their first deposit. Your initial deposit bonus may be a fixed amount such as a matched bonus, for example.

“Spend and Get” Bingo Bonus

After playing through your initial deposit on online bingo games, you’re eligible for “spend and get” bonus. The “spend and get” bonus is a form of compensation bonus. The amount you’re required to deposit varies from one online bingo platform to another. And remember - always keep an eye on the T&Cs.

Free Bingo Tickets

This bonus is similar to free bets that you’re likely to encounter when playing sportsbook, and you can access free bingo tickets often as a part of a bingo welcome bonus. Players can also take part in free bingo ticket bonuses as a part of ongoing promotions. Nice.

Free Spins

Bingo sites that host slot games offer free spins for their customers. Free spins enable the gamblers to wager without using deposited funds. The number of free spins you can get will vary from one bingo site to another.

No Deposit Bonus

With a no deposit bonus, you don’t have to deposit any money before receiving the bonus. You can often use this bonus to win real money as long as you fulfill all the criteria set out in the bonus terms and conditions.

Free Bingo

You could also be offered the opportunity to play bingo for free and obtain a bingo bonus. The requirements often involve wagering on bingo meaning that you need to make a real money deposit.

Newbie Rooms

Newbie rooms are similar to a free bingo bonus but only available to new members on the online bingo site. The room may be available free of charge, or you may need to make a qualifying wager to access it. The qualifying wager is often a tiny amount.


There are a load of reasons to play bingo online. The fact that you can play bingo from the comfort of your own home makes it a convenient option. Online bingo is a fantastic social game that offers incredible prizes and payouts. You can participate in bingo chat rooms and social media pages to your heart’s desire, and there are often amazing promotions available.

Remember to pick a site that meets your expectations and offers you the best service as a customer. Also, learn the rules and devise strategies that can help you win more bingo games than you lose. The most important thing is to enjoy bingo. Gambling should always be fun, so, let’s keep it that way.


  • Accessibility
  • Versatile game
  • Easy to Learn


  • Lack of game variety
  • Land-based bingo feels more natural
  • Not so many bonuses
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