Crypto Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin and crypto casinos are a type of online casino, also known as internet casinos or virtual casinos, which do not offer players a traditional brick and mortar building to place bets.

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Unlike traditional casinos that would require a cash money deposit in return for chips/coins to gamble, bitcoin and crypto casinos, like, Roobet, Cloudbet and Csgo500 require players to deposit bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in exchange for being permitted to play the casino games. That is not to say that a player has to make a cryptocurrency deposit, however, in order to start playing online casino games at crypto casinos.

crypto casino bonuses

To entice players, both new and continuing, to gamble on their online casino website, many crypto casinos offer players freebies, also known in the industry as bonuses, to attract and retain players. These bonuses can take many forms and players can be eligible for certain bonuses at different points in his or her playing career at the crypto casino.

In below, this article will introduce the different types of bonuses that players can expect during the course of the player using a certain crypto casino and when these bonuses might become available to players. Once a player becomes familiar with the different types of bonus offers and when such bonus offers may be available to a player, a player’s expectations should be appropriately set to distinguish extraordinary perks and lackluster teaser offers.

When Can I Expect to Receive a Bonus?

Most players understand that when he or she signs up to begin gambling on a crypto casino website, they might be eligible for a “welcome bonus,” also known as a “sign up bonus.” But what many players fail to recognize, is that after this initial teaser to attract players to their crypto casino, players should be on the lookout for bonuses that are awarded to players after the player decides to make their first cryptocurrency deposit with the crypto casino’s internal gambling account (that’s right, many times a player does not need to immediately place a deposit with the crypto casino). Even less well-known is that some online casinos, for example, csgo500 offer continuous, faucet bonuses, to players as they continue to access the crypto casino’s website.

Thus, throughout a player’s gambling record on a crypto casino, the player is eligible to receive bonuses. Although understanding the timing component of a bonus is important, what is even more crucial is for a player to understand what types of freebies/perks/bonuses he or she should be on the lookout for. Below we investigate a number of potential bonus offers that normally are provided during the beginning stages of a player’s involvement with a crypto casino.

no deposit bonus

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is normally the most desirable welcome bonus/sign-up bonus for brand new players to a crypto casino because it allows a player to start becoming familiar with a crypto casino. If the player does not like the format or the games that the online casino offers, then the player does not need to deposit any of their own cryptocurrency and can move on to the next game or crypto casino. Players should remember that there is a multitude of crypto casinos to choose from and that players should never feel like he or she has to settle.

Two Types of No Deposit Bonuses

In practice, there are two ways that a no deposit bonus can be received by a player. The first option for how to receive a no deposit bonus is for the online casino to grant a player the ability to receive free spins to play a game for a certain number of times. A “free spin” bonus is exactly what it sounds like: a player is allowed to play a game or subset of games on a crypto casino website without needing to wager any of his or her own money. Normally, this free spin option will only be available on certain cryptocurrency games made by a certain provider. When applicable, it is important for the player to become very familiar with the terms and requirements to make sure that they only play games that eligible for free spins. This no deposit bonus gets straight to the point and is simple for a player to understand. The crypto casino believes that the player will enjoy playing a certain game or game and will want to place a deposit with the crypto casino in the near future to continue playing this and other games offered by the crypto casino.

The second option for how a crypto casino may provide a player with a no deposit bonus is by the casino automatically placing free crypto in the player’s gambling account. It is important for the player to understand that the player cannot immediately withdraw this money, as discussed more fully below, and must instead use the credit from the crypto casino to play the games that are eligible to be played with the deposit credit.

Understanding the Wagering Requirement

Regardless of what no deposit option the player receives as a welcome perk from the crypto casino, these no deposit bonuses will include a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a mandate that the player places a certain number of bets while on the crypto casino before the player is permitted to withdraw his or her winnings from the player’s internal account being managed by the crypto casino. In short, to withdraw cryptocurrency and place it back into the player’s Bitcoin wallet, the player must first make a certain number of bets/wagers on the crypto casino’s website to give the crypto casino the chance to win back the deposit amount (and perhaps any of the player’s own cryptocurrency that he or she decided to voluntarily deposit). Thus, unless a player makes a certain number of bets up to the threshold amount, which will vary based on the crypto casino’s terms and conditions for no deposit welcome bonuses, the player will not be able to transfer his or her winnings for real cryptocurrency.

Wagering requirements can be confusing, but the following example should make things much easier to understand. Let us assume that a new player has located a crypto casino and wants to get a feel for the website’s gameplay and how some of the games function. Most importantly, the player wants to feel comfortable with the website and have fun while playing the game. As a welcome bonus/sign-up bonus, the crypto casino provides the player with a no deposit bonus credit of 5 tokens to the player’s account on the crypto casino website. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the crypto casino’s website, let’s say that there is a 30x wagering requirement, which would be quite low. This means that before a player can attempt to withdraw any of his or her winnings, the player must first place at least 150 tokens worth of bets. Players should note that wagering requirements can vary dramatically between crypto casinos, with the range being from 25x up to 100x.

What a wagering requirement really means for new players is that unless the player is extremely lucky or skilled in a certain game, which will likely be chosen by the crypto casino (remember, a no deposit bonus is only offered for certain games), a player will need to make a deposit to try to reach the wagering requirement, especially if the wagering requirement is high. In addition to understanding that a no deposit bonus will likely need to be accompanied by a player making a deposit of their own, players also need to keep an eye out for what games count toward the wagering requirements, as crypto casinos sometimes only count a portion of a bet toward the wagering requirement depending on what game the player selected.

Understanding the Contribution Component of a Wagering Requirement

Digging one level deeper into the wagering requirements associated with a no deposit bonus, a player may misunderstand that in some instances the player must consider what a game’s “contribution” is toward reaching the wagering requirement finish line. In simple terms, a contribution is the percentage of each bet per game that counts toward the wagering requirement. For example, certain games may count the full 100 percent of a bet toward the wagering requirement (e.g., a player bet 5 tokens, then those 5 tokens count toward the wagering requirement amount). However, other games may only have a 50 percent consideration toward the wagering requirement (e.g., a player bet 5 tokens, but only 2.5 of those tokens count toward the wagering requirement amount). Therefore, before a player decides to deposit any of his or her own money with the crypto casino, the player should consider whether they believe they will be able to reach the wagering requirement threshold based on the contributions attributed to the games the player expects to play. If the games the player likes have a high or 100 percent contribution, then it might be an appropriate decision to deposit cryptocurrency with the crypto casino. But if the player’s favorite games have a low contribution amount, then the player may want to consider how much the player enjoys gambling on the crypto casino website. And as discussed below, players will also need to calculate what other bonuses the player can expect after making his or her first deposit and any other future bonus opportunities.

Expiration Dates Associated with No Deposit Bonuses

As a final step for reviewing a no deposit bonus, players should be aware that many no deposit bonuses have an expiration date. Therefore, there is a time restriction for a player to reach the wagering requirement and make a withdrawal. For example, many crypto casinos only offer players up to 30 days after claiming the bonus to complete the wagering requirements. If somehow a player is able to find a no deposit bonus offer that does not have a wagering requirement, then we would encourage the player to immediately sign up for the crypto casino and gamble for free. But these “no wagering requirement” no deposit welcome bonus offers do normally require the player to at least deposit some amount of cryptocurrency into the player’s online casino account before making a withdrawal. Therefore, in most circumstances, the wagering requirement time limitations must be considered by a player.

First Deposit Match Bonus

After a player gets comfortable with a crypto casino and has used their no deposit bonus upon signing up, most crypto casinos also offer a first deposit match. A first deposit match is when a crypto casino matches the amount that a player deposited in his or her internal account with the crypto casino up to a certain amount.

Percentage and Amount Considerations

There is a limitation to how much a player can receive from a crypto casino on account of a first deposit match. Most first deposit matches are limited based on a percentage or the total amount that will be provided to the player by the crypto casino. For example, if a player deposited cryptocurrency worth 20 tokens and a crypto casino offered a 200% match, then the player would receive 40 tokens from the crypto casino and have a total of 60 tokens in the player account. Normally crypto casinos limit the first deposit match by a total dollar amount—meaning that a crypto casino would cap the amount of the credit it provides a player. To add more facts to the previous example, let’s assume that the first deposit match is still 200% but limited to no more than 30 tokens. In this case, the player would then only receive a total of 30 tokens, not 40 tokens, because of the 30 token cap, and have a total of 50 tokens (instead of 60 tokens) in the account. The takeaway from this example is simple, a player must understand the limitations of the match or confirm that there is no limitation.

Minimum Deposit

Players should be aware that almost all first deposit matches are conditioned on a player placing a certain amount of cryptocurrency into the internal account before the crypto casino will match.

Accompanying Bonuses with the Match

In addition to matching a credit in the player’s gambling account, some crypto casinos will also offer players a certain number of free spins for select games. Players should be on the lookout for free spin offers before deciding to agree to only receive a first deposit match.

Bonus Codes

Not all crypto casinos make it easy for players to receive a first deposit match bonus. Indeed, sometimes a player will need to do some online research or search on the crypto casino’s website for a bonus code to activate the first deposit match bonus offer. Players should never assume that a crypto casino does not offer a first deposit match and may just need to take the extra step of finding a bonus code.

Live Casino Bonus

Some crypto casinos offer live-dealer games, such as blackjack or baccarat, that are live-streamed for players to participate. Regardless of when a player signs up with a crypto casino, the player may be eligible to receive a free bet to “test out” the live-dealer option with the crypto casino. Although this is a minor bonus in the grand scope of no deposit and first deposit match bonuses, players should be aware of every bonus opportunity.

Faucet Bonus

In the early 2010s, some crypto casinos offering dice games began offering players rewards for playing their game. Most crypto casinos now offer players a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for completing easy tasks on the website. These tasks can include signing up, verifying a player’s email address, completing a reCaptcha to prove that you are a person, or completing small tasks requested by the crypto casino. These bonuses are called ‘faucet” bonuses because the rewards are small, like drops of water that can leaky from a faucet. Players should remember that these are very small bonuses, but something that an established and fair casino should offer.

VIP Bonus

Many crypto casinos provide players with loyalty rewards for using their website. Players who are interested in this type of bonus should confirm that the crypto casino has a VIP plan. Some of the freebies offered through VIP bonus can include deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, cashback (trading account credit for cash), and a dedicated host/assistant to help the player as needed.

casino bonuses


Bonus offers are available to all players regardless of how long the player has been using the crypto casino website. No deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses can be extremely profitable for a new player who understands each bonus’ limitations and how to identify a lucrative opportunity. And for more established players, live casino bonuses, VIP casino bonuses, and faucet bonuses are three types of bonuses players should constantly be on the lookout for. With thorough research and attention to detail, players can identify a bonus package to set them up on the road to success.

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