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By reading these Terms and Conditions hereafter referred to as the Terms, you agree to use the Site in accordance with the Terms. If you do not agree with the terms, please close the Site immediately. You may keep a copy of the Terms for your personal reference. The Site remains the right to amend the Terms at any given time.

Upon carrying out changes, the Site will note that down with the date of the update. No notification will be given to readers or users of the Site. Everyone holds the sole responsibility to keep themselves appraised of any such changes by visiting the Terms.

Agreement and Acceptance of the Terms

Anyone who wishes to proceed using the Site must comply with the outlined Terms and comply with them in full. The Site kindly asks you to keep yourself apprised of any changes and modifications that may be applied to the Terms. As noted, all updates will be put down in writing.

By agreeing to the outlined Terms you are prepared to comply with them in full. These Terms also outline the purpose of the Site as well as the direction of content and premise of content.

The Site is dedicated to providing readers and consumers with a recreational source of information about gambling news, comparisons and reviews of brands in the United Kingdom, as well as news about the gambling market and beyond.

The Site itself isn’t nor will ever be a provider of gambling products. Furthermore, the Site does not facilitate gambling transactions at any time. The Site’s sole purpose is to explain and help consumers make better decisions about gambling brands available in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that the Site has affiliate links, and the Site makes money if you choose to deposit following any of the links that lead to gambling reviews. However, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with the specific offer of each brand as soon as you arrive at its website.

Some of the promotional links the Site includes on its pages are the result of exclusive partnerships with said brands. It’s possible for the Site to offer different bonuses than the ones listed on the actual brand website.

Privacy Policy

The Site does its best to protect your private data. As such, the Site has established a specific set of binding rules that determine how the information you may submit through browsing or other means is stored and processed. Please refer to the Privacy page for a full and detailed explanation.

Third-Party Websites

The Site may link out to third-party websites. When such links are available, the Site cautions you to always be aware of the Terms and Privacy of any websites the Site may have linked out to. The Site is no longer responsible for anything that happens to you outside of your browsing experience at the Website.

Similarly, the Site tries to only link out to websites that are generally found trustworthy, represent a government institution in the United Kingdom.

Reader’s Obligations

The reader is responsible for checking any terms and privacy policies that are available on the websites of third-party operators that are not part of the Site. All readers must be sure they want to visit any third-party website. While the Site tries to uphold the safety and security of each consumer and reader, there is no way to guarantee that at third-party websites.

The reader is obliged to browse the Site out of their own volition. Furthermore, the reader must know that the Site is indemnified of any malicious third-party software that might affect the user.

While the Site is committed to upholding the highest standards of web safety, including state-of-the-art encryption technology, anti-virus software, and servers exclusively dedicated to hosting the Site, there might be attempts to infiltrate the Site and try to collect user information.

If that is the case, the Site will act swiftly to counteract any invasion of readers’ privacy, but the Site does not bear responsibility for any aggressiveness from fraudulent third-parties. Readers must not share the Site’s URL on any forums that are considered disreputable or could be harmful to the Site’s integrity or normal operations.

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