Free Spins With No Wagering

At times, online casino companies provide players with the opportunity to engage in no wagering free spins. In short, these are free online spins that a player can use on slots without the player needing to fulfill any wagering requirements. When an online casino says that something is “no wagering,” that means that if the player wins anything, the player is free to keep the winnings. Despite not wagering anything, a player will be able to transfer any of his or her winnings from the free spin to the player’s real cash balance immediately upon any winning – instead of needing to wager the winnings again and again. And of course, these cash balances can be withdrawn in exchange for real cash money.

You may be asking “what is the catch?” The catch is this—no wagering free spin opportunities are rarely offered by online casino companies. Not only are they rare, but in most instances, casinos only offer no wagering free spins in their welcome packages and do not normally offer such an attractive offer in the casino’s regular promotions. Indeed, some casinos will only offer no wagering free spins as an introductory benefit to new players. Moreover, a player would be required to fulfill a minimum deposit requirement in nearly all instances.

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Understanding Free Spins with No Wagering

As a low-risk way for players to make money gambling, it should come as no surprise that players seek these lucrative opportunities whenever they are available. With no wagering free spins, players are able to eliminate wagering requirements, thus making it easier for players to withdraw their winnings. It is for this reason that no wager-free spins are considered to be the fairest bonus offers at any online casino – no wagers mean it is easier for players to withdraw cash money.

Some benefits provided to players that accept no wager free spin offers are as follows:

  1. No wagering is necessary, which means that the player can withdraw their winnings as soon as they win.
  2. A player’s wins are paid in cash money rather than in bonus money that cannot be used in normal, everyday transactions.
  3. Players have the ability to try out new casino games while also winning cash money.
  4. If an online casino offers players no wager free spin offers, then the online casino is likely a legitimate, highly-rated casino.

Although there are many benefits associated with no wager free spin offers, below are several negatives that players should consider:

  1. In most instances, a player will need to make a minimum deposit with the casino website before playing the game.
  2. At times the online casino will limit how much of the winnings a player can withdraw when such winnings are based on free spins.
  3. Typically the online casino will offer players fewer spins for a no wager free spins option compared to a bonus that has a wagering requirement.
  4. Because of how lucrative no wager free spins can be for players, many online casinos do not offer this type of bonus.

Before anyone attempts to accept and monetize an online casino’s no wager free spins offer, it is critical for the player to read the casino’s terms and conditions. As discussed, these terms and conditions can include the minimum required deposit, who is eligible to accept the bonus offer (age and citizenship may be a factor), how long the promotion is being offered for players to play and withdraw their winnings, and the banking matters related to what bank or e-wallet account the online casino will withdraw cash winnings into.

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No Wager Free Spin Offers Are More Desirable Than No Deposit Free Spin Offers

Instead of a no wagering free spin offer from a casino, a player may be offered a no-deposit free spin option. This free spin option would eliminate a player’s need to fund the player’s gambling account with cash money, but it would require the player to wager their previous winnings. Depending on the online casino, these wagers can vary from 10x to as high as 80x! The wagering requirements are normally calculated based on a player’s wins, which are paid in bonus money. However, a player will need to complete the wagering requirements of that certain online casino before the player may withdraw the cash money from their account. If an online casino only requires an average wagering requirement, this could still demand a relatively large wager, such as 35x wager.

Unlike a no-deposit free spin option, a no wagering free spin option lets a player be paid for any and all wins in real cash and does not require the player to continue to wager his or her winnings until they meet the minimum wager requirements (e.g., after wagering your winnings 35 times and winning that many times, the player may then withdraw their money from their account. It is worth mentioning, however, that with no wagering free spins there is usually a minimum deposit required to activate the opportunity. But remember, any free spin no wagering win is an immediate profit and does not require a certain number of wagers before a player can withdraw their cash winnings.

Not surprisingly, very few websites offer free spins, no wagering, no deposit offers for their new players because such an offer is free cash as soon as the player wins once. In other words, with this offer a player could sign up, not deposit any money, win after one spin, and be able to withdraw their cash winnings without having to fulfill any wagering requirements. Online gamblers can spend hours searching websites for these extremely lucrative opportunities to earn money with no money down and no wagering requirements. Yet, these offers rarely, if ever, are offered—even to new players.

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How to Sign Up for a No Wagering Free Spins Account

There are two common ways to find a no wagering free spin opportunity through an online casino, either by signing up with an online casino for the first time and/or with your first initial deposit with the online casino. The following six-step process for enabling a player to take advantage of a no wagering free spin offering:

  1. Conduct research online to find casinos. A player can start this research by reviewing the casino website options below.
  2. Once a player selects an online casino, the player will need to create a new player account by either finding a register or signing up link on the website. This step will entail listing your personal information, such as your name, mailing address, electronic address, and phone number. A player would also obviously need to select a username and password to access the personalized account.
  3. If a player finds a casino website that offers no wagering, no deposit free spins, then the player will have free spins added to their account instantly without the need to deposit money into their account.
  4. If the online casino offers players free spins upon the first deposit, then the player can go to the deposit page and deposit real money into the account.
  5. The player should select their preferred payment method and thereafter select the amount the player wishes to deposit on the casino website. It should be noted that it is common for casinos to have a minimum deposit required before granting the no wagering free spin option.
  6. The player will receive a bonus from the casino once the casino verifies the account and confirms that the account has been funded.

No Wager Free Spin Online Casino Options

The following websites should be considered by potential free spin no wager players:

  • Bet It All: When a player decides to deposit at least 10 EUR/USD/AUD/ 1000 RUB on the website, Bet It All will provide the player with 111 bonus spins with no wagering required. The offer only lasts for 3 days and an individual must be of legal gambling age.
  • Wolfy Casino: When a player who can legally gamble signs up on the website, Wolfy Casino will offer players ten bonus spins with no wagers and no deposits for a game called Total Overdrive, which is manufactured by Betsoft.
  • Hotline Casino: New players of the legal gambling age can receive 50 bonus spins with no wager requirements after making their first deposit with the website.
  • Play Ojo: New players of the legal gambling age can receive 50 bonus spins, along with 40 exclusive bonus spins, all with no wagering after they make at least a 10 Euro deposit.
  • Fortune Jack: The online website offers legally authorized players the opportunity to take 50 bonus spins with no wagering requirement and no deposit.
  • 4 Kings Slots: Legal players can receive 20 free spins with no wager requirement after registering on the website. The maximum cashout is 50 Euros.
  • Wills Casino: New legal gamblers will receive 20 bonus spins with no wagers upon registering with the casino. The maximum cashout is once again 50 Euros.
  • True Blue Casino: New legal players can receive 33 bonus spins without a wager requirement upon making a deposit of $15 or more.
  • Fortune Panda: New legal gamblers to the website will receive 50 bonus spins with no wager requirement upon making their first deposit with the casino.
  • FunBB EU: New legal customers receive 100 bonus spins without a wager requirement upon making at least a 20 Euro deposit.
  • Vegaz Casino: New customers of legal gambling age can receive 50 bonus spins without a wagering requirement upon making a deposit with the company.
  • BetRoom24: New lawful players can receive 25 bonus spins with no wagering upon making their first deposit.
  • Galaksino: New players of lawful gambling age can receive 150 free spins with no wagering after making at least a 50 Euro deposit with the website.
  • Heavy Chips: Players of appropriate age can receive 100 free spins with no wagering requirements once they make a deposit with the casino.
  • Lucky Star Online Casino: New players can receive 50 free spins without any wagering requirements once they make their first deposit with the casino.
  • Space Lilly Casino: Players can receive 77 free spins with no wager requirements once they make their first deposit on the website.
  • Wild Vegas: New players of lawful gambling age can receive 50 free spins without a wager requirement after first depositing $50 or more with the website.
  • Betzest: New lawful gamblers can receive 100 bonus spins without any wager requirements after making their first deposit on the website.


No wager free spin offers are a terrific way for new players to get familiar with an online casino format and learn what types of games the player may enjoy playing. From a financial perspective, these offers provide players with a way to immediately withdraw their winnings without needing to wager their winnings time and again. Obviously, the gold standard of online casino bonus offers is free spins, no wager, no deposit offer. However, these offers are few and far between. Nevertheless, some online casinos may still advertise such offers, such as the Fortune Jack Casino.

Free spin no wagering offers will continue to be one of the most crucial ways for online casinos to attract gamblers to their website. Once players of a lawful age try out some of these new customer offerings, players can get a feel for what they would like to play even when wagers are required. Indeed, a player will be severely limited in how long they can gamble, and how much money they can earn, after they use each online casino’s no wager free spins new customer offer. This article provides perspective online casino gamblers with an introduction of what to expect regarding free spins no wager welcome offers and explains how players should consider such offers in the short- and long-term. And if you are a casual gambler with no intention of using online casinos, these no wager free spin offers can be a fun way to pass the time during the day with minimal financial risk.



What do free spins without wagering requirements mean?

It means you can keep all the free spin winnings and withdraw them to your bank account.

How do I get no wager-free spins?

Online casinos usually give to their new customers.

Where I can find free spins without wagering?

Check out our website to find the latest free spins.