Reload Bonuses

With the virtual poker, casinos, and sports betting sectors constantly offering attractive deals and promotions, it's no surprise that millions of people are currently playing these games of gambling greatness. These offers are available to new customers who receive a certain number of welcome bonuses and existing customers who receive reload bonuses.

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How to Sign Up for a Reload Bonus

Now that you already know that you can enjoy more mileage from your deposit with a reload bonus, the big question is, how do you claim it?


Assess the casino

First, you choose a trustworthy online gambling site if you aren't using one already. Carry out your research and ensure the site is legit. This is of utmost importance in other not to be scammed.

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Sign up with the casino

Next, after reading the terms and conditions, sign up by filling in the required details. On most gambling sites, signing up earn new customers a welcome bonus.

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Make your first deposit and play any game of your choice. After playing through your first bonus, search for the reload bonus page and check out available offers. Take note of the terms and conditions; also note if you need a bonus code to activate your reload bonus.

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Meet the wagering requirements

Make the required deposit, and ensure you meet the wagering requirements to cash out.

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Withdraw your reload bonus and buy a sportscar

Well, okay, reload bonuses are usually not so generous that you can splash out on a Mazarati Levante GTS. You’re likely to see returns to the tune of around a few hundred dollars depending on how much you deposit and the attached wagering requirement.

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pros Reload Bonus pros

1. More play for your deposit

As a reload bonus comes as a fixed percentage of a deposit, you get extra funds to play with. This positively influences your overall RTP (return to player) and gives you longer gaming sessions than if you had not taken part in the bonus.

2. You often also get free spins with a reload bonus

As around 70% of players choose slots as their game of choice, free spins added to your reload bonus are a no-brainer for casino marketing folk. There are typically around 25 free spins on offer but some reload bonuses bring players the chance to take down free in their hundreds.

3. The opportunity to try new games

Reload bonuses (and free spins) are a great way of trying out new games you might not have previously chosen. As bonuses are offered across a game collection, this is set out by the online casino and is often grouped across a game collection.

cons Reload Bonus cons

1. You’ll often be faced with a maximum win limit

If there’s one thing you don’t want when you win a jackpot slot, it’s a maximum win limit. Often called a cashout limit, this is a restriction placed on winnings so you don’t win a jackpot and then vanish from the site in a puff of smoke.

2. More T&Cs to read

Reload bonuses are a pretty sweet deal but before you make your mark as a reload bonus superstar, you need to get up close and personal with the T&Cs. Without being armed to the teeth with the knowledge set out in the terms, you could face nasty surprises such as cashout limits, and unachievable wagering requirements (more on these bad boys below).

3. You need to fulfill wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times you need to play through a bonus. If wagering requirements aren’t met, you lose your bonus funds. And that kinda sucks.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses, unlike welcome bonuses, are only available to existing customers who have previously funded their account a certain number of times and with specified sums. This means that the reload bonus is only activated when customers deposit more money into their account on a gambling site.

Over time, reload bonuses have proven to be an effective way to retain customers.

Do you know that reload bonuses help maximize your winnings? Well, now you do!

Read on to find out all there is to know about the reload bonus and why you should grab them while they’re hot. Let’s take a closer look.

Types of Reload Bonus

Types of Reload Bonus

To retain customers, online bookmakers offer reload bonuses which can come in several forms. However, each gambling site decides on the type of bonus they make available to their customers. They look like this:

Second, Third, Fourth Reload Bonus

These are online casino bonuses given to UK players who make a second, third, fourth or even fifth deposit at an online gambling site. The reload bonus, which serves as a bridge between the customer and the bookmaker, usually comes after the welcome bonus.

Weekly and Monthly Reload Bonus offers

These reload bonuses are given out weekly or monthly after a certain amount of money has been deposited. They allow gamers to maximize their earnings and boost their chances of winning.

Special Events Reload Bonus

Special event reload bonuses are another popular bonus offered by online gaming sites. This collection of bonuses is given to commemorate a significant occasion, such as a mobile casino's anniversary or a celebrated holiday.

Second Chance Bonus

As the name suggests, a second chance bonus is offered to an active customer who seems to have become dormant. Casinos provide up to a 100% reload bonus for a customer who hasn't played in a while. This is offered to attract and retain players as active customers.

Payment Reload Bonus

Some payment methods are eligible for unique reload bonuses. This payment-specific bonus, however, varies from platform to platform. For some, it might be the use of a particular ewallet account, while others can use a popular cryptocurrency.

What to Expect From Activating a Reload Bonus

You can get one of the following rewards for activating a reload bonus:

  • A bonus matching the amount deposited or a certain percentage of the amount deposited.

  • Free bets for sportsbook.

  • You can also earn free spins for gameplay in cases of online casinos. These spins can be used on either any slot machine on the site or a specific one.

How Does a Reload Bonus Work?

Some reload bonuses are straight-up bonuses - you deposit a specified amount, and you then receive a percentage of your deposit as a bonus, sometimes the whole sum in the cade of a 100% reload bonus. With this, players have more funds to stake and therefore more chances of winning.

Other reload bonuses can be linked to a specific payment method, and these bonus terms often include making payment through a required payment option. So it’s essential to find out the T&Cs of a reload bonus before attempting to claim it.

There’s often a minimum deposit required in claiming a reload bonus but hardly a maximum amount. This requirement varies from one online gambling site to the other. For example, some online casinos will give you a flat amount while others a certain percentage amount.

Why Is the Reload Bonus So Popular?

The reload bonus since it is an ongoing bonus - you get rewarded repeatedly for using the site. To enjoy the services of an online casino and access to reload bonuses, you need to make a deposit.

Casino Reload Bonus

If you love to play casino games, reload bonuses are made for you. Most casino bonuses offer a specific match percentage on the deposit made which is an opportunity to enjoy extra playable funds.

How does the casino reload bonus work?

First, a player deposits funds to their account; an action called reloading. The reload bonus enables players to receive a percentage of the funds as a bonus.

The percentage received by players can be as high as 150% and as low as 5%.

This casino bonus increases the number of funds you have to play with in the casino. It’s a pretty attractive offer, and they work from the casino's POV as they encourage wagering and deposits.

If a player happens to play on a specific site constantly, effectively validating their loyalty, they often have a higher chance of increasing their reload bonuses.

Sportbook Reload Bonus

Sportsbook, also known as sports betting, offers reload bonuses to existing customers. This bonus, known as "free play," is given to bettors after making a deposit.

Free play comes with an attached rollover rate. This bonus does not refund a player's stake alongside the winnings but credits the player if the bet made was won.

Cryptocurrency Reload Bonuses

Cryptocurrency is becoming a more common payment option in online gambling. Many online casino sites accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular tokens. This has led to increased demand for reload bonuses when using cryptos as a payment method.

These reload bonuses come in the form of cryptos which can be used for betting; however, they are subject to wagering requirements like regular reload bonuses. As we know, the crypto market fluctuates, so the only disadvantage of this is that the value worth of the token might change over time, either increasing or decreasing in value.

How to Find the Best Reload Bonus

There’s no surefire way of getting the best reload bonus, as they are often updated over time. A generous bonus you got a couple of weeks back isn't guaranteed to stand forever.

So, the smartest thing to do is check your favorite gambling site from time to time for the latest update; you might just come across something juicy. You can also sign up for the site's newsletters to get the latest update and offers.

What’s the Difference Between a Reload Bonus and Match Bonus?

A match bonus is a bonus frequently offered to new players who choose to join a specific online casino for the first time. Reload bonuses are usually given to existing customers to boost their gaming experience.

Match bonuses are often set at either 100% or higher, while the reload bonuses mostly offer a 15% to 25% bonus of your deposit amount. Therefore, they’re not as good as the one-off welcome bonuses, but they are recurrent. So, if you get a reload bonus once, you can keep getting it nearly every time you make a deposit.

Also, there can be a one-time offer during the holidays such as a Christmas reload bonus or weekly and monthly bonuses for existing players. Several casinos steadily develop exciting ways to reward users, such as selecting a particular day in the week as the 'bonus day,' when players can claim the deposit bonus.

Ultimately, the significant difference between the two bonuses is the payment factor. Players can claim reload bonuses simply if they deposit funds or use a specific payment option requested by the casino. Examples are using Skrill or Neteller to make payments.

Welcome Bonuses vs. Reload Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses vs. Reload Bonuses

The truth is, the most comfortable choice is claiming a welcome bonus from a new online casino. After all, you don't lose anything when you're offered the welcome bonus upon signing up.

However, reload bonuses are not guaranteed at an online casino. Some casinos require their customers to "earn" these reload bonuses in a way that's not so easy. Yes, it pays more to stay faithful to one casino. In the long run, it can prove to be profitable and boost your chances of getting reload bonuses of greater value.

The challenge with reload bonuses is that the wagering regulations are quite difficult to complete. In this case, it’s better to look for a new site and take advantage of their readily available welcome bonus. However, if the reload offers are more beneficial to you, you can make it your choice.

This decision will depend on the individual customer and how high their profit level will reach. If the welcome bonus involved is huge, there’s a greater chance of having a high-profit reload bonus. However, customers must not forget to check out all wagering requirements being offered before proceeding.

No Deposit Bonuses vs. Reload Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses vs. Reload Bonuses

There’s a big difference between a no-deposit and a reload bonus. No deposit bonuses are given to new players who do not wish to make deposits but can still claim the available bonus. In contrast, reload bonuses are offered to old depositing customers.

If you want to choose one bonus over the other, it totally depends on your preferences. For example, players who play for fun rather than profit can use the no-deposit bonus, as they’re not at risk of losing their money and have the opportunity to play freely and win real cash.

However, a reload bonus can also be beneficial as players can withdraw hundreds of dollars from it. However, you should note that you need to deposit funds to receive the reload bonus. So, make sure you weigh your options first before selecting the right offer. Oh, and don’t forget your debit card.

General Terms & Conditions on Reload Bonuses

Just as you'd expect, an offer from online bookies will no doubt have some terms and conditions attached. They’re simple to comprehend and explain in detail all you should do.

For instance, you cannot transfer your reload bonus to another site, and every reload bonus can only be used on the site where it was given.

Some casinos similarly only permit funds to be released if a customer has played at a stipulated time. Therefore it is essential to read the terms and conditions before playing.

Online Casinos That Offer the Best Reload Bonuses

Losing money is never fun. When you need to reload on an online gambling site, it's most likely that your last game didn't go as planned. But the procedure gets a whole lot better when you get extra playable funds in the process.

Online casinos will do all they can to promote their casino welcome bonuses, even though reload bonuses are just as important. If you’re having a run of bad luck, you might want to take advantage of the site's reload bonuses, if available. While this doesn’t make you any luckier, it gives you more opportunities to win.

Several casinos' reload bonuses are very attractive offers. Take a look at the bonus offered at, for instance. Its first-time depositors can claim a bonus of 240% on the deposits made on-site. This bonus is very generous, and the second deposit can attract a bonus of 260% on the deposit amount by redeeming a code on the deposit screen.

Like with the first-time bonus, the online casino reload bonus comes with a min deposit amount that must be met. Depositors using Neosurf must deposit at least $10, and Bitcoin users must deposit at least $20. Credit card users have a minimum deposit of $30, and gift card users are required to deposit at least $25.

Here’s a list of some of the best online casinos and their reload bonuses:

  1. Wild Casino: Customers can get a 250% bonus of up to $5,000.

  2. Bovada Casino: This casino offers players a 100% bonus of up to $3,000.

  3. LasAtlantis: This online casino offers a massive 280% bonus of up to $14,000.

  4. Super Slots: They offer a 250% reload bonus of up to $6,000.

  5. BetUS Casino: The casino offers a 200% bonus of up to $5,000.

Online Casino

Factors to Consider Before Activating a Reload Bonus

Activating a reload bonus involves you depositing money to the gambling site. That's why you should consider the following carefully:

Reputable Gambling Site

Ensure you’re playing with a trustworthy site. However, if you need a new online gambling site to play on, then endeavor to carry out thorough research. Check for licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Also, check online reviews to know what other gamblers think about the site's services.

Unlocking Requirements

All reload bonuses have conditions that must be met before they can be unlocked. Some require a customer to deposit a fixed sum, while others require a specific payment method. Don't be too quick to go for a reload bonus without taking note of the unlocking requirements.

Bonus Value

When you need to reload your account for whatever reason, you will undoubtedly want the reload bonus, which offers the most money. A reload bonus of 100% up to $1,000 is much better than a 100% reload bonus that offers $500. Remember though, that with a higher bonus, you’ll also need to meet a higher wagering requirement.

How Reusable Is the Reload Bonus?

Most online casinos reload bonuses and bonus codes are reusable. Sometimes, they may come with time limits, but other times, you’re allowed to use them as many times as you like.

Bonus Time Restrictions

Another thing to consider before accepting a reload bonus is the time restriction. This is important because there might be a time limit for the bonus. You have to meet a wagering requirement, so you might want to ensure you know the time frame to avoid losing the bonus alongside whatever winnings made from it.

Wagering Requirements for Reload Bonuses

Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough, is the number of times a bonus needs to be played through before a withdrawal can be made.

Wagering requirements vary for each bonus offer and depend on the gambling site you're using. A thorough read of the terms and conditions is always recommended.


After you've used up your welcome bonus (or bonuses), reload bonuses are a great method to get more bonus cash. Reload bonuses are no doubt one of the best bonuses available. They aim to reward existing loyal gamblers to make them keep playing at a given online betting site for a long period. Reload bonuses enhance a player's cash, allowing them to play longer and place higher bets.

Aside from stimulating your mind with these gaming activities, you make deposits that involve your money, so you no doubt want to win from it if you can. Yes, reload bonuses offer an opportunity to stake more and win more; however, they won't automatically make you rich.

It’s advisable to read the terms and conditions of the bonus before claiming it. While you gamble, also remember to play responsibly.



Do reload bonuses come with hidden risks?

No, reload bonuses do not come with hidden risks. These are promotion strategies, and they are more of an advantage to players than harm. However, it would be best if you endeavored to study the terms and conditions of the bonus before taking part in it.

Where can I find reload bonuses?

Reloaded bonuses can be found on online gambling platforms. Almost all online gambling sites offer reload bonuses to their regular customers.

How much can I get from a casino reload bonus?

The amount of reload bonuses varies in online casinos. You'll find information on how much reload bonus you'll get on the casino's terms and conditions page. The amount could also be based on how much you deposit.