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BetFury Review

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BetFury is a crypto I-Gaming platform launched in 2019. It is quite unique due to the use of the TRON (TRX) ecosystem and blockchain technology. This gaming platform allows users to play and win cryptocurrencies by betting on several games on the site.

Owned and operated by Universe B Games B.V, BetFury's feature of enabling users to fund their accounts using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has gained prominence in the crypto gambling industry. Hence, the question of how legit this relatively new online casino is and the need for BetFury casino review.

BetFury has an extensive games lobby, which is accessible via several devices, including Android and iOS mobile devices. This online casino platform features slots, live and table games, making it easy for users to play all their favorite games on the go.

Pros Of BetFury Casino

  • It is a cryptocurrency casino. Users can fund their wallets with multiple crypto coins.
  • Users enjoy a daily return (ROI) through the BetFury investment fund.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Cons of BetFury Casino

  • There is no sign-up bonus.
  • Lack of FIAT payment options. All transactions on BetFury are only done in cryptocurrencies, which can be inconvenient for those without access to these currencies.
  • The charges attached to withdrawal are pretty high.

Portfolio of BetFury's Casino Games

BetFury boasts of having an extensive games lobby, keeping users entertained. They also partner with other software developers in the industry to feature exciting games.

Games available include:

  • Slots
  • Table Game
  • Live Dealer Game
  • Keno
  • In-House Games


These are the most popular games at BetFury casino. There are currently over 4,300 slot games available at this online gaming casino. This gives users a wide range of options to select from.

Jackpot Games

There are jackpot games available at BetFury Casino. These games enable you to win an extraordinary amount of money, the likes of Rainbow Jackpot, Jackpot Lab, El Jackpotto, Jackpot Sevens, and Jackpot Quest.

Table Games

With over 50 table games, players that are not so interested in slots or Keno get to make their choices. You get to choose from games like Monster Scratch, Secret Cupcakes, Blackjack, Red Square Games, Super Mask, Baccarat Pro, Texas Hold 'em Bonus and Dragon Tiger.

Live Dealer Games

Offer players an opportunity to participate in live games. Here, users can play at the most popular Live Dealer tables, as well as the most interesting live casino games, thereby enjoying numerous game rounds.


With their latest update, BetFury launched a sports betting platform. Players can place bets on both live sports and scheduled games.


The website also facilitates poker games with the likes of Live Texas Hold 'em Poker, Texas Holdem Bonus Poker, Texas Holdem Poker 3D, among others.

Aside from earning through betting on the above-listed games, users are offered other promotional ways to win cash prizes.

Bonus Offers

BetFury bonuses make signing up worth it. Although there is no signup bonus, the crypto casino offers exclusive promotions and daily tasks that can earn users free crypto.


With every wager you make at the casino site, you get to mine BFG tokens. These BFG tokens offer increased cashback and bonuses depending on the number of tokens accumulated. So the more BFG token you own, the more free slots you get.

BetFury Battles

Throughout the year, BetFury Casino offers several battles. Participating in these battles enables you to stand a chance of winning up to 1 BTC.

BetFury Success Promotion

You get an opportunity to win up to 20 mBTC by sharing your success on Twitter. There is also an opportunity to earn 5,000 TRX by sharing your success in the BetFury Chat plus.

DailyTasks Promotion

For completing daily tasks, users earn extra coins and other bonuses. These daily tasks are available on several in-house games, including card games like HI-LO and Keno.

Refer-a-Friend Program

Every time a new customer signs up using your referral link, there are prizes to be won. You get a 15% bonus on your bet wins and 1.5% of all slot and table game wins played. This also includes 5% of all the best wins for BFG Tokens.

Free Box BTC (Free Boxes)

By clicking on the "Box Free BTC" option on the website, you can earn 0.00000025 BTC. These free BTC can be reclaimed every 15-20 minutes.

BetFury Investment Funds

This is another way to make a profit on BetFury. These investment funds, known as BetFury boxes, have an initial cost and a fixed return established for a certain period of time.

BFG Token

For each bet made while playing games, the crypto casino offers the player a BFG BTC / TRX token (BTC if you deposit and play using bitcoins, or TRX if you do it with TRON).

Betfury Cashback

BetFury has one of the most generous cashback or refund policies in the betting industry. You get a fixed percentage of your losses, and they differ in games, with between 2% and 25% cashback.

Is Betfury Legit Or A Scam Site?

BetFury is legit, and it is one of the most highly rated online casinos in the crypto gambling industry. According to the website, they have over 300,000 player accounts. Players who like Betfury, also like Rocketpot.

The platform has over 1000 games and offers users dividends in BTC, TRX, USDT, and BTT, as well as up to 25% cashback.

The pay-outs are real, and they are licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gambling Commission to conduct gaming operations for all games of chance and wagering, so you can be sure you and your funds are in safe hands.

BetFury is currently one of the most popular TRON casinos. No red flags so far have been recorded regarding the platform or complaints from users other than simple issues, so be rest assured, BetFury is legit.

How to Create A BetFury Account

Creating a BFG account is pretty straightforward. Account creation is free and open to users all over the world, with no geographical restrictions. By clicking on the BetFury website, you can get started.

Provide all necessary information such as your name, age, and email address. Account creation can also be done through a Google account or a TRON (TRX) wallet.

After signing up, a 6-digit activation PIN code will be sent to your email, which you must enter on the website to activate your account.

Does Your Account Need To Be Verified?

No, it doesn't. In BetFury, your account doesn't need to be verified before placing a bet or withdrawing at the casino. However, BetFury reserves the right to ask for a complete KYC procedure via email, if necessary.

Features of the BetFury Account

Once you sign up, you will see a lot of options on the dashboard of your account when you log in. However, the most important features are on the right side of the screen.

The first is your account information. Here, you can automatically change your username from the one allocated to you during the rapid signup procedure. This feature, however, is only available until you have reached Rank 2.

Next is your cashback history, staking vault, referrals, game and transaction history, as well as the data of your experiences on the site. The session log is particularly valuable, and it allows you to detect any strange logins or sessions, ensuring that no one else is using your computer.

The other stats that appear after logging in are your casino rank meter. This shows how far you've progressed as a BetFury member. Interestingly, the site rewards you with a surprise prize as your rating increases. You will also be able to see your overall cashback percentage and total wagers in all currencies.

You can change your login email and password from the settings widgets. But it requires the two-factor authentication method. This feature is a nice one to have if you've signed up for Gmail. This is recommended as it adds an extra degree of protection to your login process.

Payment Methods

As stated earlier, BetFury is a crypto casino platform, so payments using FIAT methods like Visa and Master card don't work. Funding of your betting account can only be done through crypto-wallets. Some of them are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETC)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

BetFury casino also accepts payment with less popular coins like UMA, 1inch, Reef, Synthetix, Aave, Compound, Maker, Binance USD, Dai, Biswap, Matic, Banana Coin, among others.

Min & Max Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit differs for each cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit for Bitcoin is 0.00015 BTC, while that of Ethereum is 0.005 ETH, and for Tether, 25 USDT.

On the other hand, when it comes to withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal for BTC is 0.00005 BTC (with an attached fee of 0.00025 BTC), for ETH, it is 0.005ETH (with an attached fee of 0.005ETH), and for USDT, it is 25 USDT (with an attached fee of 15 USDT).

In BetFury, there isn't a maximum deposit or withdrawal. This means you can deposit as much as you like and withdraw the same way from casino games.

Speed of Processing Payments

Instead of waiting for a few weeks, all withdrawals are processed within 0–2 hours of the request. Cryptocurrencies are known as one of the fastest payment methods, so you should expect your funds within a split second. Due to network load, time zone, and the cryptocurrency being withdrawn, a specific time frame can't be set aside for this.

How To Purchase BetFury (BFG)

The crypto casino has its own cryptocurrency known as "BFG tokens." This coin is mostly used in staking, mining, and farming competitions.

To get BFG for trading after signing up, you'll need either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Binance is one of the cryptocurrency platforms that sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. After signing up and filling in all the required details, buy the coin of your choice and transfer it to your BetFury account.

The BFG, which can only be gotten from BetFury, is a legitimate crypto coin certified under the CertiK audit process.

BetFury Supported Wallets

BetFury supports TronLink, which is currently the most popular TRON wallet in the Chrome Web Store.

From the BetFury website, you can connect to the TronLink wallet. Aside from TronLink, other crypto wallets such as MetaMask can also be used to log in.

How to play on BetFury

There are numerous games to choose from on the BetFury platform. In-house games, slots, table games, and live casino games are available at the BetFury casino.

To begin playing, go to the BetFury website after logging in to your TronLink wallet. You can deposit TRX, BTT, and USDT from your wallet onto the platform after logging in using your wallet.

You can also use BTC to fund your account. After depositing cryptocurrency into your account, click "all games." Then, pick from the long list and begin playing.

Customer Support

BetFury offers 24/7 customer support. The customer support team can be contacted via live support or email, and a response is usually received within minutes.

Aside from the live chat on the website, customer care can also be contacted via BitcoinTalk, Telegram, Twitter, and Steemit.

Security and Licenses

BetFury Casino is owned by Universe B Games B.V. They are licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gambling Commission. You can be assured of a safe and fair gaming experience.


Crypto casinos are gradually becoming a trend. Now, the gaming industry offers many opportunities to gamers and investors. This market comprises the same people who are increasingly using and holding cryptocurrencies.

BetFury offers users an opportunity to have fun and earn, all based on the blockchain. All games offered on Betfury, both in-house and from third-party developers, are tested on RNG systems.

The whole idea of BetFury is to earn while having fun, although placing bets sometimes results in losing one's hard-earned money, hence the need to play responsibly. As we all know, gambling can get quite addictive and risky, so ensure you play with caution. Hopefully, you find this BetFury review handy as you play live games, explore new games and enjoy BetFury.


Is Betfury legit?

Yes, it is. Betfury is a legit live casino site that offers users an opportunity to earn crypto by placing bets and carrying out daily tasks. It is licensed and regulated by Curacao Gambling Authority for a fair gaming experience.

Where Can I Trade BFG Token?

BFG tokens can be traded on CoinTiger, Biswap, ApeSwap, and Hotbit. Other crypto exchanges where users can trade the tokens are listed on the website's live casino exchange page.

Can I Win Real Money at BetFury?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is place some bets. We advise you to develop tricks and strategies for winning huge online casino games available at BetFury.