No deposit bonuses

The Holy Grail of casino bonuses - minus the dude with the beard - no-deposit bonuses are exactly that - a bonus that requires no-deposit. 

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No Deposit Bonuses pros

With a no-deposit bonus offer, you have the chance to try out different games from the casino

no-deposit offers provide you with the opportunity to develop a strategy for skilled-based games 

You’re not risking money with a no-deposit bonus

No Deposit Bonuses cons

The rewards are often on the smaller side

There are commonly wagering requirements attached to it

Some may no-deposit bonuses come with withdrawal limits (sometimes referred to as cash out limits)

Most players enjoy a promotional jaunt as this means more money mileage and therefore more time to enjoy your favorite casino games. As we know, online casinos use this as an incentive to encourage sign-up. Common offers available at online casino sites are:

  • Deposit welcome bonuses
  • Deposit free spins
  • Reload bonuses
  • Cashback
  • The no-deposit bonus

Unsurprisingly, the no-deposit casinos bonus is the most popular bonus available. Can’t be bothered to dig out your wallet or remember your e-wallet PIN? No sweat. no-deposit bonuses have you covered.

You may be asking yourself, ‘what are a no-deposit bonuses?’ If so, stick with us and you will find out everything you need to know about no-deposit bonuses and more.

no deposit bonuses

What Is a no-deposit Bonus?

If you were a student that sat at the front of class rather than your classmates scoffing snacks and giving noogies at the back, you’ve probably already figured out what a no-deposit bonus is. Precisely what it sounds like, a no-deposit bonus is an online casino bonus that doesn’t require you to deposit funds to your online casino account.

This is the no-deposit bonus. Sometimes called free casino bonuses, the user can use these promotional funds for playing games detailed in the terms and conditions.

The no-deposit casino bonus reward is also often awarded to live casino players. Similar to casino no-deposit bonus offers, these can be used on specified live casino games.

One major reason why these bonuses are highly sought after is that the no-deposit bonus can be used by players to familiarize themselves with an online casino site with minimal financial risk. This provides players with a safer gambling environment.

Free Cash - What You Need to Know

Some people may think that free cash means claiming the bonus and then withdrawing the money, but no, it doesn't work that way. The wording of ‘free cash’ is problematic for the reason that it’s simply not cash - you can’t simply sign up at an online casino and withdraw legal tender from your USB drive. That would be cool though.

If a casino is offering ‘free cash’, it’s a clear indicator that it’s not a responsible operator. If you do see ‘free cash’ on offer, move along, please. There really is nothing to see here.

Casino bonuses

No-Deposit Free Spins

A free spins no-deposit bonus is awarded as a specific online casino bonus. They’re offered online by casino sites, and unlike the no-deposit bonus whereby bonus funds are credited to your account, here you get free spins bonuses without making a deposit.

Free spin deposit bonuses are mostly awarded as welcome offers when you sign up with an online casino site.

What’s a Free Chip?

Free chips are found at online poker sites, and similar to free spins, these are credited to your account so you can play poker without depositing funds. Similar to no-deposit free spin bonuses and the no-deposit bonus - free spins will often come with a wagering requirement attached. Always make sure to read the T&Cs carefully.

Claiming No-Deposit Offers

No-deposit bonuses sound like a breeze, and while yes, they do offer a lower risk gambling environment, you should always tread with caution before engaging with any and all promotional offers.

No-deposit online casino bonuses do exactly what they say - they provide you with bonus credit without requiring you to make a deposit.

You wouldn’t expect casinos to simply give away huge sums of money, so the no-deposit bonus withdrawal limits are also usually low in value. While the reward may be on the small side, they’re still incredibly popular among players who want to try a site out.

It provides players with a chance to experience the many types of casino games available.

A no-deposit bonus is most commonly awarded on sign-up. Why? Data has now surpassed oil as the most valuable commodity on our planet. By providing your personal details to an online casino, you’re also simultaneously getting added to various marketing mailouts, SMS promotions - and possibly even snail mail offers.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to read the terms and conditions, not just for promotional requirements but also how your personal data is being used by the online casino.

Although the no-deposit bonus may sound fun, there are certain things you need to know about this bonus offer and the conditions that must be met.

Withdrawing Your No-Deposit Winnings

When it comes to deposit bonuses, you can withdraw bonus winnings once you’ve met all of the relevant terms and conditions. No-deposit bonuses operate in a similar fashion, although, often have higher wagering requirements attached.

After completing all of the relevant terms, you can then withdraw the bonus money. Simple.

Wagering Requirements

Assuming you’ve first read the terms and conditions, signed up at an online casino, and received your no-deposit bonus, you’ll possibly be met with a wagering requirement to complete, within a time frame.

Often also called wager reqs. or turnover, this is the number of times you need to play through the reward before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.

Normally, it’s a multiple of the bonus. Some, but luckily very few, online casinos will stipulate a wagering requirement in excess of 50x. This is crazy. A sensible wagering requirement is anything up to 35x.

Free Spins

Cash-Out Limits

Cashout limits - sometimes known as a games bonus wins cap - are in place so you don’t sign up at an online casino, hit the jackpot on a series of progressive slot games, and then leave in a trail of dust.

This is an extreme example of why cash-out limits exist, but it clearly illustrates why casinos stipulate cash-out limits in terms and conditions.

Here, your good friend the T&Cs are essential. Check the key terms of your promotion while keeping an eagle-eye out for details regarding a games bonus wins cap.

Game Weighting

The games you decide to play will often contribute differently to your wagering requirement. This is called game weighting, or sometimes, table weighting or game contribution.

A typical game weighting might look like this:

  • Card games - 5%
  • Videopoker - 20%
  • Roulette - 25%
  • Poker - 25%
  • Slot games - 100%

Remember that the above is just a guide. Your relevant terms and conditions should be read thoroughly so that you’re in the know as to how much the table weighting contributes to your wagering requirement.

Minimum Withdrawal

There may be a minimum withdrawal when it comes to no-deposit bonuses.

This is why you should read through the terms and conditions related to no-deposit offers before accepting the offer to avoid any nasty surprises down the line.

Remember that these terms and conditions differ from one casino to the other. There’s no industry standard for minimum withdrawals, so each casino will have its own unique requirements.

Receiving a No-Deposit Bonus

Casinos will often award no-deposit bonuses in exchange for completing simple tasks, proving it can often be a very easy process to receive a no-deposit bonus offer. These requirements may include the ways listed below.


All no-deposit bonus casino sites will require you to register and input personal details. These details include your name, phone number, email address, postal address, and providing a form of ID such as a driving license or passport to claim your no-deposit offer.

Activity on Social Media

If you already hold an account at an online casino, depending on the operator, you may be required to perform some simple activities on social media to release a no-deposit offer. For instance, some casinos may require you to like a post or share a post, and when you do this, you will receive your bonus offer.

Streaming and Subscribing

At some casinos, you may be asked to hit like on a live stream channel, subscribe to the channel, and participate actively in some live broadcasts to earn a no-deposit bonus reward.

Bonus Codes

Locating no-deposit bonus codes can usually be performed with a simple Google search.

You can also check online casino forums as players may list the best bonus offers available. Sadly, due to the nature of anything posted on online forums, information may be inaccurate.


No-deposit bonuses are a load of fun and provide a safer gambling environment for new and experienced players alike. As you might check a candy bar for information regarding calorie content or how much fat the product contains, you should always make sure you understand the no-deposit bonus terms and conditions.

Sure, T&Cs may not be the next Da Vinci Code (rumor has it that they’re actually better written) but make sure that you’re not only familiar with them but fully comprehend what you need to do to complete them. Then, you’re good to go.


Can I withdraw my no-deposit bonus offer?

Yes, no-deposit bonuses are fully withdrawable if the bonus terms and conditions are met. 

What are the wagering requirements for no-deposit bonus offers?

Different casinos have different wagering requirements for no-deposit bonus offers. Always read the terms and conditions relating to a no-deposit bonus before accepting the promotions. This will help save you from any inconveniences too.

How big are no-deposit bonus offers?

no-deposit bonuses will vary depending on the online casino in question. There’s no industry standard as to how much (or how little) you will be rewarded after completing the bonus terms and conditions.