Best Jackpot Slot Games

When it comes to deciding what jackpot game you should invest your time and money in, you want to consider whether you want to get lucky at the slot that can provide you with the biggest payoff or avoid losing all of your money with one or two turns! The jackpot slots that provide players with the best odds and the finest jackpots should certainly be at the top of any player’s list.

Below we list the best jackpot slot games that players should consider. These jackpot slots are categorized based on profitability and the slot jackpot’s percentage return to play, as known as RTP. In other words, an RTP is the expected percentage of wagers that a specific game will return to a player over the long term and is calculated by utilizing a simulation approach or theoretical approach, depending on the game type. For example, if a player made one hundred bets on $1 each on a slot machine that had an RTP of 90%, then it would be expected that the player would win back roughly $90 in wins. But remember, this is only theoretical and there is of course no certainty that a player will always win based on the RTP.

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So what is considered a high RTP slot? Although many people could provide different answers to this question, as the question is fairly subjective, an RTP of or above 98% is commonly considered high. An acceptable, average RTP percentage would normally be considered between 95% and 97.99%. And anything below the 95% RTP range is likely too low to be played by a player interested in big winnings. Not surprisingly, jackpot slots with larger payouts have lower RTPs. Therefore, it is important to understand your goal before picking an online jackpot slot game.

Remember, jackpots are the ultimate online casino reward that can turn average Joes into instant millionaires! By targeting the below jackpot slot games, a player can increase their RTP odds to avoid wiping out their bankroll or consider whether they want to go in for a large payday with the most profitable jackpot options. After reviewing the below list of online jackpot slot games, you will be prepared to pick the jackpot slot game that is right for you and your gambling goals!

Most Profitable Slot Games

Hall of Gods: 95.5% RTP

Hall of Gods offers players five reels and twenty pay lines. This jackpot game also offers users three jackpots and utilizes a progressive jackpot slot offering. With expanding wilds, free spins, and trebling multipliers, this is a jackpot slot game that users must consider. The average jackpots on this website are 5.3 million Euros and in the past has paid out up to 7.7 million Euros. If Norse mythology is of interest to you and you want to gamble for a big payout, the Hall of Gods might be for you.

Divine Fortune: 96.6% RTP

A Reek mythology-themed game, this progressive jackpot slot machine game offers players five reels and three rows with 20 pay lines. The imagery used on the slot should also not be understated, as the designers utilize classic Greek images such as Medusa, a Minotaur, and the Phoenix. There are also multiple free spin options. For example, if a player lands three Free Spin symbols, they receive five free spins. If the player receives four Free Spin symbols, they receive eight free spins. And if the player receives five Free Spin symbols, then they receive twelve free spins. With high payouts and Ancient Greek design, Divine Fortune’s free spin options make it a must for serious players looking for a big win.

African Legends: 94.92% RTP

This jackpot slot game offers players five reels, three rows, and 243 ways to win. All a player needs to do in order to win is land matching symbols or wilds on three or more adjoining reels (starting at reel one). As expected, this jackpot slot machine is a progressive jackpot that implements impressive prehistorical imagery that is aesthetically pleasing for users. Moreover, African Legends designed the game to be played not only on the computer but also on cellphones and tablets. This gives users more ways to conveniently play. This game also gives users free spins that come with multiplier features that can increase payouts by up to ten times. If players land four or more wins in a roll, a player can receive between twelve free spins with a 5x multiplier to twenty free spins with a 10x multiplier.

Mega Moolah: 88.12% RTP

This game offers players a familiar five reels and three-row slot machine and features twenty-five pay lines running from left to right. The game also offers players a bonus round with wild multipliers. This game provides players with a “jackpot bonus wheel,” which will become randomly triggered while you play. Once the “jackpot bonus wheel” is activated, players can win one of four progressive jackpots. The website reports that the highest jackpot won by a player was $1 million. The minimum bet to play the game is 25 cents, while the maximum betting amount per spin is $6.25. The game uses familiar safari animals such as giraffes, elephants, and buffalos, which will determine a player’s payout. Players should note that despite the low RTP percentage, after taking into account the game’s bonus features and progressive jackpots, the RTP percentage increases to about 96%. Reviews also confirm that Mega Moolah can be played easily from most iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Mega Fortune: 96.6% RTP

Using a progressive jackpot system, players of Mega Fortune have boasted about winning 3,773,845 Euros and 2,971,469 Euros since 2016. As is common, the jackpot slot game has a familiar layout of five reels and three rows and offers twenty-five pay lines. Interestingly, this jackpot slot game offers a maximum win of 40 times a player’s stake for five on a full payline. Wagers can vary from 0.25 Euros to 50 Euros per spin. The game’s imagery has also received high marks from users. The background of the game showcases a yacht docked at a marina and the game’s symbols include expensive rings, whisky, cigars, fancy watches, stretch limousines, and piles of cash.

Joker Millions: 94.3% RTP

This slot game also uses a progressive jackpot and is designed as a four-reel slot with three rows and twenty-five pay lines. The game is designed as an upscale casino slot machine that offers players familiar fruit images with the classic slot machine sounds and effects. Wagers can be set from 0.25 Euros to 25 Euros per spin. With an expected fallout value of 3 million Euros, many players are attracted to Joker Millions. This game also offers players multipliers, which can vary from 1x to 5x depending on what symbols land after each spin. With respect to big payouts, on November 9, 2018 one player reported winning around 7.83 million Euros.

Empire Fortune: 94.3% RTP

Applauded for its elegant graphics of a mansion’s great hall supported by impressive pillars on the side, this progressive jackpot offers plays a five reel slot and three rows with a traditional twenty pay lines. Player wagers can vary from 0.10 Euros to 100 Euros. Unlike other jackpot slot games, since 2016 Empire Fortune uses a Scatter symbol rather than a wild symbol to trigger extra player features, such as free spins. For example, if the player lands five jokers, they will be awarded an impressive thirty free spins and a 10x multiplier. The most exciting feature of this game is its “Wheel of Fortune,” which is how players can receive large payouts. To activate this feature, players will need to land a minimum of three Scatter symbols on the screen. Then, the player will see a three-layer gold cake, with each level offering free spins, a mystery win, a second spin of the wheel, or a Fireworks feature that could grant players a jackpot depending on where the fireworks land. In addition to the Wheel of Fortune, Empire Fortune also offers cash prizes from 4 to 250 times the original stake and prizes at 2 to 50 times the stake with an added free spin or mystery prize. As expected, Empire Fortune was designed to be played not only on computers, but also on iPhones, androids, and tablets

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Highest RTP Jackpot Slot Games

Mega Joker: 99% RTP

Keeping things simple, this jackpot slot game that was released in 2013 uses a progressive jackpot and traditional fruit, machine images. This game uses three reels, five pay lines, and three rows. With its progressive jackpot option, this high RTP slot may be appealing to players who want big payouts with the added protection of high RTP percentages.

Ooh Aah Dracula: 99% RTP

Released in 2015, this jackpot slot game is appealing to players who want a fun experience. This slot game provides fun sound effects and exciting designs that make the game more enjoyable compared to some of its counterparts. The game uses a five by three reel set and has ten bet lines. Furthermore, the game offers free spins and a pick-and-click bonus game. Lastly, the game also provides a high-roller option for players to trigger five spins at a certain stake.

Ugga Bugga: 99.07% RTP

Go into the jungle and play the slots in this game that was released in 2006. In the game, there are bongos, tropical fruits, and tribal masks that make for a fun playing atmosphere. The slot lines up no fewer than ten rows of three reels each, in two groups. Each reel is spun independent of the other two reels and there are ten pay lines built-in.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix: Up to 98% RTP

This jackpot slot game is a 2016 sequel that provides players with several bonus features. The reason the RTP is “up to” 98% RTP is because of the jackpot’s “Big Bet” feature. This feature provides the opportunity for players to take advantage of three features and increase the player’s stakes and be awarded free spins. The casino also offers multipliers and various coin win options.

1429 Uncharted Seas: 98.6% RTP

With a unique design in the image of a map, this jackpot slot game is structured as a five-reel, three-row layout with twenty-five pay lines. This game also provides players with free spins.

Jackpot 6000: 98.86% RTP

This jackpot slot game is also a five-reel, three-row game, but with a traditional slot machine layout. What differentiates this jackpot slot from other high RTP jackpot slot machine games is the in-game jackpot. While playing the game, if a player wins, the player can decide whether to keep the winnings or apply the winnings to play what is called the “Supermeter.” If a player elects to use the “Supermeter,” the player can win up to 6,000 coins if two jokers appear on the reels. If two jokers appear, the player will see a mystery prize.

The Catfather: 98.10% RTP

No, this is not a Godfather-based game. But for some, it might be even better. Presenting a high RTF jackpot slot machine game that replaces traditional mafia members with cats. This game is an instant winner for cat lovers and provides players with free spin round, win multipliers, and stacked wilds.

Jokerized: 98% RTP

Another classically designed game, this jackpot slot was released in 2016 and was built on a standard five by 3 reel and features familiar fruit symbols.

Blood Suckers: 98% RTP

Released in 2013, this vampire-themed jackpot slot game offers players free spins and click bonus games. With terrifying music and dark graphics, this game is a must-play for any vampire lover.


Regardless of what jackpot slot game a player decides to pursue, the following options will provide a player with a clear understanding of what games might be best for them. Want to hit the biggest jackpot possible, then choose a lower RTP slot with higher payouts. Or do you want to try to preserve most of the money you gamble and have more turns? Then choose a jackpot slot with a higher RTP percentage. With its high RTP and progressive jackpots, Mega Joker may be a good jackpot slot game to start with. Regardless of what jackpot slot you decide to play, remember, you could become the next big winner! Most of these casino games can be found in Fairspin, Rollbit, Stake, Mystake and Rocketpot casinos. 


How can I find Jackpot games?

Every online casino has a category for Jackpot casino games. You can easily find them in casino games sections.

Is it likely to win the Jackpot?

Although, there is a jackpot won every day the chance of winning is very unlikely.

Are Jackpot slots better than regular ones?

Regular slots have higher payouts but Jackpot slots have the chance of a big-time win.