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This website has taken case opening to the next level and being that it has been around for a while, you might agree that they are masters of using a provably fair system.

With the kind of hype surrounding DatDrop gambling, it doesn’t come as a surprise that new users are logging into their website on a daily basis. We’re pretty sure your curiosity about opening cases has also led you to read this writing.

Great move, because in this DatDrop review, we’ll be telling you all you need to know. From there, you will decide for yourself if DatDrop is a scam or not.

Let’s go!

DatDrop Explained

For those who don’t know, DatDrop is a popular case opening site for CSGO skins and other virtual commodities. But case opening isn’t all DatDrop is known for, as it also offers Battle Opening and Upgrade games.

On DatDrop, links to Black Jack, Gems, Coin Flip, and other jackpot games are available. However, we have to mention that the games aren’t actually available on the DatDrop site, just the links.

One of the beautiful things about DatDrop is that they have a wide selection of cases on their site. These vary from low-cost cases to moderately-priced premium cases.

Before you begin to enjoy the DatDrop gambling experience, you must first register and sign in to your account. Once this is done, you can deposit money into your account via G2APay and SkinPay.

You can start opening cases the moment there is money in your account. You can also begin to upgrade skins and take part in Battle Opening.

As of the time of this review, the DatDrop gambling site has 80 boxes to open. These boxes are very different from one another, and the cheapest one is priced at $0.30. It also comes with cheap skins at P250.

With a hundred Dollars in your Steam account, you can get crates with special knives. You can also open a Peril case that gives you a chance to get the very pricey AWP Dragon Lore Skin.

The DatDrop site has a live feed that you can monitor. There you will find skins that other DatDrop users have opened. The interesting crates are those you can find on CS:GO, including Huntsman and Operation Phoenix.

Is DatDrop Legit?

DatDrop’s features seem super cool and too good to be true in some cases. And this is why some skeptics wonder if the site is a scam.

Well, you can rest assured that DatDrop is a 100% legit site. Its provably fair system ensures that nobody from the DatDrop administration team interferes with what falls in the cases.

Provably fair systems aside, DatDrop has existed for over 5 years, and no user has ever complained about missing money. The site itself has gathered above 1.5 million users.

They have also received a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating on TrustPilot, and that says a lot about how legit they are. Not too many CS:GO sites can brag of such a high TrustPilot rating!

The 1.5m+ users on DatDrop, have opened over 76 million cases. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the site has a provably fair case-opening algorithm. The same can be said of the Battle Opening games and upgrades, as those are also entirely fair.

Another thing that establishes the legitimacy of DatDrop is their very active community. Having real people such as yourself being active on the platform and dropping their reviews should boost your confidence.

Last but surely not least, independent reviewers have put the DatDrop algorithm to the test, and they have all concluded that it is indeed a fair game.

You can reach out to their customer support if you have further concerns. They cater to players from the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Sweden.

DatDrop Promo Code

If you want to claim your DatDrop bonus, you will need to use the Promo code GLOBALCSGO.

The DatDrop bonus code is currently 5% of your deposited money. So let’s say you make a $1 deposit on the site, you will receive $0.05 free.

We have to quickly point out that the maximum bonus you can get within 24 hours is $100. However, the value of the bonuses may increase in the future.

All in all, we can agree that this bonus is price-friendly. This is because the bonus money you get on a $10 deposit can be used to open the cheap DatDrop boxes for free!

DatDrop Free Case

Besides the paid boxes, DatDrop gives users the option to open a free case. However, users will have to reach a certain level before they can do this.

The amount of money in your DatDrop wallet determines your level on the platform. Simply put, the more money you have in your DatDrop wallet, the higher your level.

The following levels are –

  • Level 1 – 3$
  • Level 2 – 25$
  • Level 3 – 50$
  • Level 4 – 75$

So, if you want to open a free case, all you have to do is increase your wallet balance!

It is worth mentioning that crates are really cool because making constant deposits on DatDrop allows you to open a free case every day. Level 5 crates contain skins like AWP lightning Strike and AWP Asiimov.

Bonuses And Promotional Offers

DatDrop isn’t just a CS:GO case opening site; it is a very generous CS:GO case opening site! The number of attractive bonuses and promotions they offer is a clear testament to this. As you make a deposit into your wallet and punch in the promo code, you will get free money instantly!

To claim your bonus, all you have to do is go to the website’s home page and click on the “+” sign at the top right corner of your screen. Next, click on the “use bonus code” option, then type the promo code GLOBALCSGO. You would be entitled to a 5% deposit bonus if you signed up via a bonus link.

Besides the bonus code, there are other promotions available on the platform. All you have to do to enjoy these promotions is to remain on the lookout. You might just stumble upon mouth-watering discounts and bonuses!

What Games Are Available On DatDrop?

The DatDrop gambling website offers case opening, battle opening, and upgrade games. That aside, you can also find links to other interesting games like Black Jack, Coin Flip, Gems, and Jackpot.

As we have mentioned earlier in this DatDrop review, these externally-linked games aren’t part of the website. This means you cannot win cases when you play them. Clicking on the links will only take you to a page where you can play them.

There is a “Top Wins” tab on the DatDrop platform, where you can see the top drops of other players. Some of these players manage to drop skins, such as the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web FN!

As you already know, the primary purpose of DatDrop is to open cases just as it occurs in CSGO. There are many crates available on the platform, and each of them varies in price.

After DatDrop has received the crate, they also receive information regarding the skins that are included in them. Users can upgrade their chosen skins by choosing one of the CSGO skins on DatDrop.

There’s something you need to know though. The wider the price gap between skins, the lower the chances of securing an upgrade.

On the Battle Opening game, a round can be created for as many as 4 players. However, a minimum of two players is all that is required to play. Once the round has been created, crates will be chosen for the game. Players will join in, then the battle will commence.

The team whose crates bring in the best skins will be declared the winners of the entire pot. This includes the skins that have been drawn in the opponent’s crates.

Deposit Methods

Unlike other crypto casinos, DatDrop does not offer its users enough deposit options. Nonetheless, it supports G2APAY, which has several payment processors that vary according to the user’s location.

Here are the payment methods available at the time of this DatDrop review.


This is a multi-payment processor, and you can find a comprehensive list of payment methods to use when you visit the G2APAY page.

2. Ethereum & Litecoin

You can get these cryptocurrencies via sites like MoonPay and SwitchHere.

3. CSGO Skins

You can get these via brokers such as –

• Waxpeer

• Money4Skins

• SkinPay

As we have mentioned earlier, you will receive a bonus when you deposit funds into your DatDrop wallet and use the bonus code. The bonus you will get is displayed in a small green circle that can be found on the subpage of your selected payment method.

You can reach out to customer support if you need more information regarding deposits.

How to Withdraw from DatDrop?

There is currently only one way by which you can withdraw from DatDrop, which is via CSGO skins.

To withdraw, you need to visit your profile, go through your list of skins, then request a withdrawal. You can also take a look at the skins you have paid out in the past, as those transactions are saved in your withdrawal history.

Make sure you fill out the trade URL in your profile settings. Failure to do this means you will not be able to withdraw.

As it stands, users cannot withdraw via PayPal or cryptocurrency. And just like its limited deposit options, withdrawal options on DatDrop are also limited.

Best Cases On DatDrop

From our research, we can tell you that the best cases to open on are the ones under the “Popular Cases” category.

In this group, you will find high-value cases like the “I Am Lucky” case. It costs just $0.15 to get, so you may be wondering why we called it a high-value case.

Well, with this case, you stand a chance to win a knife skin that is worth as much as $120!

As you may have already guessed, the chances of landing this skin are very slim. However, chances of getting skins for Negev and Galil are much fairer.

How To Win On DatDrop?

Once you sign up on the DatDrop site, you are already a winner, make a deposit, and activate the deposit bonus code. That aside, you will also receive free cases every day!

It’s true that your current level determines the value of the cases you receive. But hey, free is free, right?

There are 5 levels in total, and users attain higher levels as they make higher deposits into their wallets. The quality of free cases increases according to the user’s level.

That is the most we can tell you as far as winning on DatDrop is concerned. There isn’t any specific winning method you can employ (if there was then it wouldn’t be a fair game).

One of the things that makes DatDrop so legitimate is that no one can double-cross their algorithm and get an unfair edge!


DatDrop is a legitimate CSGO case opening website, as they operate a provably fair system.

Their deposit bonus is equally excellent, and everyone has a fair chance of winning. Sadly, a good rating doesn’t equal perfection, as their shortage of payment and withdrawal methods does a great injustice to the awesomeness of this platform.

They could also use more customer support options like live chat and phone support. Hopefully, they’ll improve on these aspects soon. Overall, DatDrop is a great site you should try out.


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