How To Choose A Casino Bonus

Players looking to begin their online gambling pursuits must decide what online casino to play. Along with deciding what types of online games the player most enjoys (e.g., slots, blackjack, crash, etc.), the player must also understand each casino’s “first deposit bonus” and what type of bonus would be most beneficial to the player. The purpose of this article is to explain several types of first deposit bonuses so that you can decide what casino you may want to choose. Or who knows, you may decide that you will play at several online casinos that offer comparable first deposit bonuses and over time will narrow the number of online casinos you will play.

It is important to first understand what a first deposit bonus is. For example, a player may be trying to decide what online casino games to play. Normally, but not always, when a new player registers at an online casino, the online casino may offer the player an initial sign-up bonus, also known as a welcome bonus, that is not contingent on what or if the player deposited any money or cryptocurrency in its online casino gambling account. Once the player uses this welcome bonus, which could be in the form of free spins on specific games or credit to the player’s gambling account to permit the player to test some of the casino’s games, the player then may be eligible for a certain bonus or incentive for making an actual deposit of the player’s own money or cryptocurrency in the online casino’s gambling account. This is a “first deposit bonus.”

A player should certainly review different online casino welcome bonuses but would be wise to also consider the second wave of bonus offers—the first deposit bonus—before starting to register at various online casinos. What types of first deposit bonuses should players be on the lookout for? Below we review some of the basic offerings to familiarize new players with the different offerings. Importantly, this article does not delve into actual first deposit bonus offers from online casinos due to the ever-changing landscape of such bonuses. Nevertheless, the below should serve as a critical component of a player’s understanding of what bonuses he or she can expect.

First Deposit Bonus

The most common vehicle online casinos use to attract players is to have a portion of its first deposit bonus include a first deposit match. There are certain factors to consider with first deposit match offers. First, the deposit match may require a minimum deposit to qualify. For example, if a player only deposits a few dollars or Euros, the deposit likely does not qualify for the bonus. Second, the percentage of the match can significantly vary between online casinos. For example, some casinos will only offer a 100% match while others could offer up to 400%. Third, online casinos commonly limit the aggregate dollar/Euro amount of the deposit match. For example, an online casino that offers up to a 400% match will likely limit the maximum deposit match to be 200 or 300 Euros or dollars. Read the fine print with deposit matches, as they can have a tremendous impact on the real match amount.

Wagering Requirement

Almost every online casino requires a player to wager the first deposit a certain number of times before allowing the player to withdraw his or her winnings. For example, the first deposit bonus may have a condition that there is a 35x wagering requirement. What this means is that the player has to bet at least 35 times the amount of his or her initial deposit before being allowed to withdraw any of their winnings. The principle behind a wagering requirement is simple – online casinos do not want players receiving the first deposit bonus and then immediately withdrawing the full amount of the deposit (including bonus amount) before giving the online casino the ability to win back its bonus and a player’s initial deposit.

Free Spins

Players should be on the lookout for first deposit bonuses that give players free spins, meaning that players can play the games and win amounts without having to wager any of their own money. Players should know that this free spin offers normally are limited to only certain games offered by online casinos. Additionally, any winnings from free spins will also likely have a wagering requirement.

Bonus Expiration

Players need to know when the first deposit bonus will expire, as some offers only last for seven days. If a player is not able to reach the wagering requirement before the expiration, then the player waives his or her ability to withdraw the winnings stemming from the first deposit bonus amount.


First deposit bonuses can be a great way for players to get a leg up after they utilize the online casino’s welcome bonus offer. Although not the only factor to consider, this article should provide players with a good overview of what type of first deposit bonus features they should expect from an online casino before depositing his or her own money or cryptocurrency into the online casino’s gambling account. Online casinos market its first deposit bonuses aggressively, so players should feel confident when comparing several bonuses before deciding what casino(s) to use.